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Sample Charges

Samples are provided free of charge. Please note that ordering a sample on this site is different than ordering one tile. For ordering samples, please follow the below steps:

1. Open the product page of the tile you want to order samples.
2. If you are on your computer - Please hit 'Add a Sample'. It is located next to the 'Add to Cart' button. You may not see this for products where either the product is out of stock or samples are not allowed. Proceed to Step 4.
3. On your Phone / Tablet / Ipad - you need to hit 'Buying Options' first and then click 'Add a Sample' Button.
4. By repeating the above steps please add all the samples you require.
5. Once you have all the items in your cart, please follow the checkout prompts to place the order.

The maximum number of samples allowed per product per order is one. Any order having more than one sample of a product will be treated and processed as one sample. For any extra requirement, please email us at mail us and we shall be more than happy to call you back and set it up.

Please note that there might be a nominal shipping charge for the samples which will be calculated on checkout based on actual carrier charges. We ship most of our samples from California warehouse. However we reserve the right to change the origin and demand the difference in shipping charges, based on the availability of the product as the case may be. The carrier used by us will be UPS Ground or equivalent.

Samples used will be 4x4 or 6x6 sizes. Please note that due to the basic structure of the material, samples of certain items like Waterjet Tiles / Glass Mosaics / medallions / faucets / sinks etc would not be possible. If by mistake it is ordered the same will be confirmed from you on phone or email before shipping out on charge.

Other services will charge extra $10.00 per package for UPS 3rd Day service in addition to the above mentioned cost for UPS Ground. will charge extra $20.00 per package for UPS 2nd Day service in addition to the above mentioned cost for UPS Ground.