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Quartzite is a rock-solid natural stone, which is largely used by home owners and interior designers as floor and wall tile. Scientifically, it can be termed as a metamorphic version of sandstone, which changes its chemical properties due to tectonic plate compression; it is basically a re-crystallized form of sandstone. Quartzite represents a very durable, strong, and naturally beautiful surfacing. This is what makes it a popular flooring and wall surfacing option., the largest online tile shop, offers a wide range of quartzite floors and wall tiles, which you can use for your home remodeling project.

Advantages of Quartzite Tile

Very StrongQuartzite floor tile is one of the strongest materials for floors. They withstand a heavy traffic, thus, are considered as a good choice for floorings. They also make an unfailing wall surfacing option. Moreover, they can be used for the flooring of both residential and commercial structures.

Styling – It is a re-crystallized rock, and possesses very beautiful, unique shades and nature-drawn designs. Quartzite tiles look magnificent on floors and walls, and give you a uniquely alluring hoe ambiance. They have a shiny, glass-like appearance that catches the eyes of onlookers at the very first sight.

Color ChoicesQuartzite tile are available in various colors and shades, as grey, pink, yellow, green, blue, and orange.  Their broad colors make them perfect pick for any area of your home. offers a shiny, catchy range of discount quartzite tile. We are pitching the lowest rates on quartzite tiles, and we are ready to shed our prices, if you tell us some other credible seller is offering you a better price.

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