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Stone Look Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are durable and hard wearing, making them suitable for covering surfaces such as roofs, floors, walls, table tops and bathroom showers. They have a wide range of properties such as durability, resistance from dirt, frost, heat, slip and water absorption.
Stone Look Ceramic Tiles are suitable to create floors, countertops, and accent walls throughout the home, and in commercial properties with light traffic.

  • • Durable - Compared to any other types of tiles, Ceramic tiles are considered far more durable.
  • • Hygiene: The surface of ceramic tiles will not retain liquids; absorb fumes, odours or smoke. They are also easy to clean and this allows for good hygiene. These tiles are suited for any environment where hygiene is necessary.
  • • Fire Resistance: Ceramic tiles are completely fire proof at any temperature. The surface will not alter, nor will it give off any toxic gases, smoke or fumes during a fire.