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Trims & Borders | Misc / Other | Pattern

To add an added artistry and perfection to your home interior, there are some specially designed tiles, as trims and borders. is presenting a massive collection of trim, molding and borders tiles that enhance the appeal of your existing tile designs. They are a purposive tile idea that beautifies your home ambiance, exceptionally.

The category of trims and borders showcases various natural stone tile products that have been cut specifically to fit into your special requirements. Tiles that we have in the assembling above are vCap Tiles, Quarter Round Tiles, Corner Tiles, Border Tiles, Pencil Molding Tiles, vCap Corner Tiles, Dome Molding Tiles, Rope Tiles, Chair Rail Molding Tiles, Rail Tiles, etc. These interesting tile products are present in diverse materials and sizes, as marble, ceramic, porcelain, travertine, etc.

For your ease, we have subdivided this category in subsection, Dome Moldings, Rail Molding, Stone Borders, and Crown Moldings. These subcategories showcase their related tile products. offers Trim, Molding and Border Tiles at discount, economical rates. If you are getting a more low-priced deal from some other reputable retailer, please let us know, we will offer you a more low-priced deal.