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Backsplash Tiles | Brushed | 3x6

We offer an comprehensive line of Backsplash Tiles in Mosaics, Blends, Metal Inserts and Wall Tiles which includes Natural stone like Marble Mosaics, Travertine Mosaics, Slate Mosaics, Medallions, Mini Tiles and more in various finishes. To add more "Aah" to your project we offer Moldings and Borders like Chair Rails, Pencil and Dome alongwith many Crown Moldings and borders. These items are a perfect compliment for your Bathrooms, Showers, Backsplashes, Flooring, Accent Walls and Fireplaces. The combination of designs that can be created from these products are endless. We encourage you to add Mosaics to any of your natural stone applications. Mosaic and Blend Disclaimer