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As Per Application | Matte | Multicolor is presenting a series of As Per Application tiles that are carved keeping view of the ease of installation. At a number of times, it is the most intricate question to choose the right size of tile. Sometimes, you want simple design; and sometimes, you look forward to style your home in a unique, eminent and interesting manner.

Basically, square and rectangular tiles are the two most asked for tile patterns. They come in diverse sizes, starting from 4” sq ft to 36” sq ft. Additionally, there are also available some specially prepared tile sizes, like interlocking, hexagonal, and octagonal tile patterns that are used for various special applications. We have gathered all these tiles in one section, for your convenience.

The line of ‘As Per Application Tiles’ is subdivided into three subcategories that display pattern tiles, square tiles and rectangular tiles. If elected decorously with an aesthetic sense, floor tiles can make your space look alluringly wonderful and spaciously bigger. has presented a tremendous arrangement of As Per Application Tiles or As Per Your Requirement Tiles on this page. You can scan through the page, and pick your preferred product as per your requirements. If you need any suggestion on designing your space with our tiles, you can surely give us a call during the office hours.