winter trends in landscaping with natural stone

Landscaping trends in 2020 bring back natural stones to vogue. While it is a well-established practice to incorporate natural stones for your backyard and front yard landscaping ideas, 2020 backyard trends bring back the forgotten natural stones to our backyards. If you are looking for garden ideas in 2020 along with landscaping designs, you have come to the right place.

Experts say that decorative landscaping, contemporary features, lush gardens, and intelligent irrigation are all trends and will impact landscape designs across the nation in 2020. Trends for this year demonstrate how homeowners of all generations want a striking, personalized, and well-maintained outdoor space that benefits their community and the world.

Transitional and contemporary designs

Contemporary, simple designs are common, which could represent a contemporary sculpture or a modern function of fire or water. As more homeowners choose elements that can withstand a range of temperatures, such as native plants, heating coils, and protective structures, cross-season versatility is important.

Consider an outdoor kitchen

In popularity, outdoor kitchens are growing. For homeowners who love to cook and enjoy spending time outdoors, they seem to be the right match. This is also a perfect opportunity to add appliances that may not be able to accommodate your indoor kitchens, such as a brick oven, smoker, or barbeque. Once you're on the decision about adding an outdoor kitchen to your design home plans, consider outdoor kitchen pros and cons to decide if they're right for you.

Use natural stone

A common hardscaping style is the natural stone look. When it comes to hardscape, natural stone pavers and the grey and tan shades of natural stone are always on-trend. Natural stone comes in a wide range of textures and colors, making it highly customizable for integration. With more texture and feeling than traditional concrete, this hardscaping trend is all about achieving a classic, natural look.

Ornate and geometric landscaping

Intricate patterns for landscaping—hard supplies or constructions constructed into a landscape—are trending. These embody waves, chevrons, lattices, and basket weaves. From walkways and patios to defending partitions and furnace features, house proprietors are searching to mix well-known home decor patterns into their hardscape designs.

Incorporate a garden

Homeowners keep adding gardens to their landscapes. But they're looking at gardens that appeal to their personal needs, from designing edible farm-to-table dining gardens to planting gardens that grow their favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs. Homeowners are integrating container gardens, vertical gardens, or interior landscaping to create an outdoor garden oasis in smaller spaces.

Shades of blue for your backyard

Rich blue tones dominate the decisions of paint forecasters for the year's 2020 hue, and these cool colors are also going outside. More blues are brought in by homeowners, using sculptures or water characteristics. Plants such as blue fortune, delphinium, hydrangea, globe thistle, or grape hyacinth add shades of blue, too, in gardens.

With our brief and fun landscaping ideas, you will have a beautiful backyard in no time, and you'll need not worry about how to select a landscape architect.