Stones are understood to be hard in nature but before a customer get his first hands on them, they have been subjected to harsh treatment as they travel miles through rough seas. Hence it is fundamental & essential that they are securely packed to surpass all the harsh treatment and are shipped securely to customer. In order to protect these stones from breakage or even damage (like staining, etc.) the packaging team ensures the right procedures while packing stones in wooden crates. FedEx is one such service outlet.

FedEx Service
FedEx is a worldwide shipping and logistics company. FedEx offers shipping to individuals and businesses throughout the world. There are many different types of shipping options such as package, freight and expedited shipping. It also ships dangerous goods and hazardous materials. One may choose ground shipping for same-day, next business day and two or three business day delivery. Package shipping fees vary depending on the shipping and delivery locations.

LTL Service
Another option is of LTL services. LTL (less than truckload) service – is most common method for shipping all range heavy items that are over typical parcel size. LTL contract carriers are and YRC, Con –way and Estes. These leading freight providers handle and track hundreds for shipping transactions daily. They generally utilize enclosed vans or trailers with rear roll up doors that provide access to the inside of the trailer.

Flatbed service
Flatbed service is commonly the only chosen method when shipping heavy items that are oversize and not conducive to standard LTL handling. For the handling and transportation of oversize or delicate cargo, flatbed service is usually a more reliable means. Freight is loaded onto owner operated flatbed trucks and most likely never handled until delivery. Using flatbed service involves the least handling which translates to minimal risk of loss or damage while in transit.

Don't just carefully select a natural stone or a landscape tile, but with equal care and concern select packaging and delivery options, because a small mistake in decision can make you bear huge losses.