The living room is arguably the most important in your house. People usually do not shy away from spending resources on their living rooms. But maybe it does not have to be that expensive. Maybe you can have a great looking living room that will wow everyone while staying in a budget. Well if you want to splurge, we’ve got that covered as well. Our living room ideas for 2020 is for everyone. Simply choose what goes for you, add your creativity to it, and there you have it. Read on to find out how.

Go green

Everybody loves greenery. The modern living room ideas never miss out on the importance of indoor plants and trees. They are often cheap, easy to maintain, and make your entire house calm and serene. They are pleasing to both your eyes and head. A few indoor plants are all you need to get started.

Classic furniture

Going for classic items of furniture can never be a bad idea. For larger pieces, stick to traditional ideas and go trendy with the smaller items. Design a modern living room with a good mix of new and old, trends and classics.

Wood and metal

Combine metallic accents with traditional wooden pieces for depth in your living room. When deciding for home decor ideas for the living room, choose wooden pieces and metallic accents while keeping in mind the color scheme of your room to get maximum impact. Slate and copper looks amazing together.

Get comfortable

When choosing seating options for your living room, prioritize comfort over everything else. Comfort is a luxury in its own. Plush sofas and armchairs are a must-have for any

living room. Comfortable seating options are all about being posh and cozy at the same time.

Pop with colors

Add pops of color smartly to your otherwise soft-toned living room. You can explore a bunch of living room wall decor ideas to find out where you can show off with bold pops of colors, or simply add a splash of color to certain areas of your walls, or through furniture items. The pop colors elevate the look of the entire room.

Statement rugs

A statement, bold rug that matches the color scheme of the rest of the room brings life to the floor. A beautiful patterned carpet brings out the beauty of the rest of the decor. It also brings out the soft tones of colors in your walls.


Go for subtle patterns for a more refined look and bold patterns for a more trendy look. Either way, use patterns according to your wish and purpose.

Smart furniture

Smart furniture that can double up as storage space is your best friend if you are short on space. They make your room look larger without sacrificing the valuable storage space.

Country vibe

Exposed brick walls along with a thrift coffee table give a rustic country vibe to your room. Go for vintage decor for an added oomph.

Have fun with our living room ideas, and don’t forget to incorporate your creativity!