If you have a swimming pool, you are already lucky enough to have a wonderful time this summer. But your swimming pool experience can be enhanced with upgrades and additions. So don’t settle yet, because we have tips and advice, swimming pool designs and plans, which will set your pool apart.

A swimming pool is one of the most striking things that your living space can have. With little upgrades and tweaks, you can customize and personalize your swimming pool and poolside area. Let’s have a look as to how we can achieve that, and the best summer ahead!


The waterfall is a ubiquitously loved fixture to have by your pool. Even a simple waterfall can add an extra dimension to your pool and transform a rather dull swimming pool into a dynamic and eye-catching place. Waterfalls are simple to install and will serve you for a long time. If you are looking to add more fun to your pool, consider starting with a waterfall.

Replace tiles

Replacing tiles is a basic step for pool renovation. Since tiles are visible in swimming pools all the time, even a simple replacement of old tiles with new ones will freshen up the look of your entire pool. When you are planning your pool design ideas for renovation, swapping tiles is something that can be done easily, and its impact on the aesthetics of the pool will be great.

Install diving board

If you have the proper depth, space, and configurations, the addition of a diving board will up your poolside experience by a huge margin. It might not be possible in small swimming pool designs. If you are lucky enough to have all the facilities in place, installing a diving board will be a decision you will always be thankful for, and so will be everyone who uses it.


Mosaics can heighten the visuals of your poolside in a fun and artsy way. Consider adding dynamic mosaic flooring to your surfaces for a special aesthetic appeal. They are often extremely simple and affordable and often can be done in the form of DIY projects. Mosaics are an easy way of adding a personalized touch to your pool.


Plants and trees can transform the look of your poolside. Most of the latest pool designs seek to incorporate greenery into the landscape of the pool. You can add exotic plants, and mix them with local vegetation for a unique and fun look. Come up with your designs and textures by mixing and matching plants and trees.


Good lighting can amplify the look of your pool and poolside, especially after sunset. LED lightings are being used in the latest swimming pool ideas to illuminate the swimming pool itself and also adjacent areas. Gas lamps also look beautiful by the poolside and add a touch of sophistication. Play with lighting as you want until you get your desired effect.

Now that you know how to make your swimming pool more stunning, we hope you have a wonderful time in the summer ahead.