trick to design backyard kitchen in resort style

A small modern outdoor kitchen takes your kitchen comfort to the outside of your house. Considering the number of times a modern outdoor kitchen design can help support your needs, it is a perfect extension to your home. A new modern covered outdoor kitchen (or uncovered) is just what you need, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

We are here to direct you through the process if you are considering either simple outdoor kitchen ideas for your house or luxury outdoor kitchen plans. When designing an outdoor kitchen, there are a few items to bear in mind, such as the location, materials, finishing touches, etc. To help you build the ideal outdoor kitchen for you, we are here.

Find the right spot

Conduct a site survey of the location you want your kitchen to be outdoors. Ensure that it meets all the specifications. Make sure the place is similar to your indoor kitchen, or preferably, attached to it. Because storing all your cooking equipment and supplies in the outdoor kitchen is impractical, better access will keep it convenient for when you need them. Also, make sure that there is enough room for all the components of the outdoor kitchen and for you to walk about in your outdoor kitchen effortlessly.

Evaluate the material

For your open patio, the material you use is not the same that you would use for your indoor kitchen. Environmental factors like rain, sunshine, snow, heat waves, pollution, etc. are exposed to outdoor spaces. High-quality material that will not be affected by water and moisture damage will be needed for a poolside kitchen. Buying covers for your cabinets will also be a smart investment. A smart move in this respect would be knowing how to build an outdoor kitchen with pavers. Consider adding some kind of shade to your outdoor kitchen if you remain in a warm climate zone. A tall roof or pergola can also improve your outdoor kitchen's aesthetics.

For cold climate zones, when planning your outdoor kitchen, consider leaving room for heating appliances.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches in your outdoor kitchen will give the extra oomph. Choose the furniture according to your kitchen's overall mood. All your furniture can also be customized to a specific theme. Often select durable items for the outdoors.

How to plan your kitchen outdoors

Allocate space for each unit while designing your kitchen, while keeping the overall size of your kitchen in mind. Enable enough space to make sure it suits the workflow for each equipment and cabinet. Plan the kitchen while keeping the workflow in mind. In kitchen designs, the golden triangle is a rule of thumb: to guarantee optimum productivity, the sink, grill, and prep station should be close to each other.

Optimum use of space

With smart equipment and storage appliances, even with a relatively limited carpet area, it is possible to make enough room for your outdoor kitchen. You may use cabinets for corners, mobile bar carts, outdoor fridges, etc. Keep to a minimum the number of appliances, so that your outdoor kitchen does not get boxed up.

We hope you have a nice time designing and building your new era outdoor kitchen with our outdoor kitchen ideas.