Notorious Corona Censors Touch Act Facilitates Sensor Design

The New-Normal is not by choice, but is necessity driven. World is knee-bent to Notorious Corona as if it plans to divide and rule. We live a safe-space lifestyle in covid-19. Hygiene protocol layers all aspects including home infra.

Novel Interior in NOVEL-CORONA

To surge salt of convince in an inconvenient circumstance the Infrastructure and the Construction business have come up with some smart home features like touchless sensors & voice command apps. Trend skips from conveniences & luxuries to necessity features.

Voice-Controls Fixtures & Fittings

Consider having sensor taps in your kitchen & bathroom, voice-command switch functionality for lights, fans and all possible electronic devices. It will be a bit costly but nothing values more than breath. The complete eradication of corona is uncertain, expect advanced covid19 compatible technology to launch, like fridge door screening interiors of it with a slight tap to check/adjust temperature. You may have a quick ice cube freeze by voice commanding. Buy motion-activated products like sensor pump soap dispensers.


A must have room in covid-19 that acts like a check-post to your home before entering the main in-rooms. It’s usually sited either at the back or at the side of the house. If your home already has a mudroom then customize it else consider spacing an enclosure for mud-room either in the garage or in the laundry. It does not need much space. You need to equip it with are, sitting bench, hanging light, door-mats, hooks for the rain-jackets, overcoat, shoe-rack, drawer and prefer for wood flooring. Mount a dispenser holder on any of the doors or walls for placing the sanitizer that you will be using after mudding-off and before entering the house. Mudrooms must have hard durable flooring like the polished concrete/floorboards to endure daily usage. You can use creativity and merge your laundry with mudroom which is a logical pairing. To deck laundry baskets, broom & mop rails and ironing boards you need to have an wooden organizer. Install a large sink having a retractable spray tap to shake-off the dirt & mud off your boots and shoes.

Antibacterial Fabrics

Prefer using Antibacterial Fabrics curtains & upholstered furniture to prevent bacterial, virus & fungi growth. You can coat other fabrics by applying antimicrobial agent on it's surface. Some materials like the bamboo viscose fabrics & wool are antibacterial in nature.

Antibacterial Surfaces

Use quartz for your kitchen slab, counter-tops, kitchen cabinets, handles & knobs and is available in novel design which exactly appears like marble, granite & other natural stone materials. For flooring & walling use antimicrobial ceramic & porcelain tiles as it is non-porous, scratch resistant & has medicated surface layer. Antimicrobial laminates can be in use for kitchen cabinets and furniture. Copper is antimicrobial & can be of use in fixtures, door knobs, handles in bathroom & kitchen.

Antimicrobial Wall Paint

Paint your interior walls anti-microbial painted as it soaks in with quality to resist moulds. fungus & bacteria or another way is to buy additives and stir-mix it in paint to impart antimicrobial immunity.

Prefer DIY to home-decor avoiding foot-fall in your home to stay safe in this pandemic hour.