If you are wondering how to choose flooring color and wood flooring accent wall to make your room look larger, you are at the right place. There are various types of tiles for flooring, including wide plank flooring in a small room, that can make your room appear to be larger.

Strips or planks

Instead of narrow strips, go wide (planks). Planks of wood or laminate are at least 5 inches thick, while strips are 3 inches thin.

In a small room, the additional seams needed by strip flooring make it appear busier and cramped. A good rule of thumb, as in decorating, is to avoid something even beloved knickknacks that cause a crowded feeling. Planks eliminate seams and create a more open pattern that is easier.

Should flooring be darker than walls?

Dark wall colors indeed produce an enclosed cave-like appearance in a room when space is visually enlarged by light-colored walls. But it's enough! There's no need for your floor to be similarly pale.

If the bright wall color is matched well with a significantly dark floor on the right, space pops up. Choose a crown mold that is lighter than your pale wall paint, or slightly darker. For the wide-open lightness of the walls, a dark base trim matching the flooring may attract eyes upwards.

Consistency of Room-to-Room

Consider smooth color transitions when altering flooring materials from one room to another. A soft, oatmeal-colored carpet, for example, does not bump into dark floors. Minimizing the shift of floor color from one space to another can offer a greater sense of spaciousness to an entire house.

Big Tiles, Smaller Grout

Finally, bear in mind that grout lines will produce a busy look close to that of seams in strip flooring if you intend to install ceramic tile. This behavior can be minimized by selecting a grout color that matches the tile. But broad tiles and fewer lines of grout could be an even better option.

Placement Diagonal

Consider a smart angle. If space is rectangular or square in dimensions, a visual trick that supersizes the stretch is to lay wood, laminate, or tile flooring diagonally from corner to corner. Also, diagonals are complex. They build a sense of creative movement and interest. In flooring and other design details, the same holds.

Using broad Tiles with Patterned Carpet

Not a fan of hardwood or laminate flooring? If, due to choice or budget constraints, you have to install carpeting in a room, choose large patterned carpet tiles rather than wall-to-wall carpeting. Even though you have just increased the size of your carpet tiles and not the actual dimensions of the room, putting these larger carpet tiles on a diagonal with the widest part of the pattern facing the door gives a much greater impression of square footage.

Make your room appear larger with these tips and ideas!