Mosaic is extremely versatile, be it in your kitchen, your bathroom, or your living room. But mosaic tiles are small, often very small, and hence, require more grout than standard-sized tiles. The grout can start looking unclean over some time and develop a thin film of dirt on top.

Whether your mosaic is a tabletop, backsplash, vase, wall, or a path -- you need to keep them clean and shiny to maintain their charm. A mosaic is a great piece of artwork to have in your house, but with great artworks, comes great responsibility! Read on to find out how you can care and clean all your mosaic surfaces.

Post-installation cleaning

Just after you install your mosaic tiles, it is important to clean them up thoroughly. All the excess grout, dust, and debris need to be carefully cleaned. Grout can be difficult to remove. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning excess grout, and never use acidic cleaners because they can cause discoloration. For the grout, you will need a grout stripper, cleaning solution, and wet sponge to effectively clean the surface. For dust and debris, you can simply use water and mild detergent to scrub the surface.

Dust off the surface

This is a simple step that can go a long way to protect the shine of your mosaic and keep them clean. This is especially important for those places which are exposed to foot-traffic or environmental factors. If you overlook this step, dust particles will gradually settle in the mosaic surface and develop a thin film of dirt, which will be difficult to clean later and would also look ugly. For mosaics with small tiles, you can use a dust cloth. For bigger tiles, use a broom.


Mopping can be extremely useful for your mosaic surfaces. It is always recommended to sweep the surface with a broom or dust cloth before mopping. pH neutral floor cleaners are a good choice for mosaic surfaces. Use pH neutral floor cleaners along with water and let it sit on the mosaic surface for at least ten minutes. Afterward, scrub it off with a mop. After you are done mopping, rinse the surface thoroughly and remove excess water or cleaner.

General guidelines

Maintenance of the mosaic is very easy if you simply keep in mind a few general guidelines.

▖ Always clean spills and messes immediately. Don’t let any spill rest on the surface, because that is what leads to tough stains which can be very difficult to remove later. Prevent stains by cleaning both food and liquid spills as fast as possible. Just use a detergent solution, water, and a wet sponge.

▖ Be careful with furniture. Don’t drag around heavy furniture as that can cause scratches and even cracks on the surface. Keep in mind the same for mosaic surfaces other than floors, like tabletops and countertops.

Caring for your mosaic is easy. Just keep these few things in mind, and you’ll have the shine of your mosaic surfaces intact for years.