If you are looking for amazing wall and floor designs, you have come to the right place. Every room deserves special care, be it the bathroom or the living room. The needs and purposes vary according to the rooms, and we have to choose the wall and flooring options accordingly. What will go beautifully in your bathroom will not go well in your bedroom, and vice-versa. Every room needs individual care, and we are here to help you with just that.

Wall and floor color combinations

Other than the bathroom, you will hardly see recommendations for the same tiles on walls and floors. Bathroom tiles that extend from the floor to the ceiling add to the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom and make a small bathroom look larger. However, in other rooms, this is usually a no-no, because it fails to cater to the need for balance, which is extremely crucial interior wall design ideas and floor design ideas.

Living room

The living room bears a lot of foot traffic, typically the highest in the entire house. The flooring option should be made accordingly. Choose strong, durable natural stones or luxury vinyl tiles. Your budget will help narrow down your choices. For the walls, the white to a nude color scheme is the safest and the most popular. You can choose wallpapers as well. Walls can be decorated in a lot of ways to add depth and texture, but always remember to balance out the contrast. Use statement art pieces and pop coloring for added oomph. Make your living room memorable to visitors and satisfying to yourself.


The bedroom is the place to unwind, hence, soft, moody hues are recommended. Think light blue to monochromatic white. Bedrooms are also highly personal spaces. It is fine to add quirks that you think defines you. Statement art, murals, wall decor - everything falls into this category. Lighting is also extremely important in the bedroom. Make sure your walls complement the lighting. For the floors, it is advised to use soft surfaces like a carpet for underfoot warmth. Natural materials like wood also work fine. Check on the material’s slip-resistance before investing in it, to avoid hazards.


Kitchen floors should be able to bear a lot of spills and messes. Vinyl, ceramic, porcelain are all good choices. Natural flooring may also be well provided it is easy to maintain and tough and durable. For the kitchen backsplash, mosaics are a great option. You can choose glass and tiles as well. Subway tiles are a go-to option since they never fail in terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Other choices include porcelain and ceramic tiles, wallpapers, etc.


Bathroom floors and walls are generally in lighter tones and bigger sizes. If you have a big bathroom space, dark tones also look stunning. Finding contrast and balance is very important, and so is the material’s ability to withstand the bathroom conditions. All-white is always a safe color option for bathroom floors and walls.

Give every room the care it deserves with the proper flooring and wall designs, and slowly see yourself not wanting to step out of your home!