stone ledger panels indoor and outdoor layer on the textureStacked stone ledger panels are always at vogue, and once you know how to make ledger stone corners with natural stone and veneer products, you are good to go. Ledger panels, for both indoors and outdoors, is always a good choice. Let's have a look at different ways of incorporating exterior ledger stone.

Are you trying to find some way of revamping the living area? The incorporation of ledge stone is going to be an excellent addition to the landscaping decor. It's one of the foremost popular yet effective ways to revamp the inside also because of the exterior area.

What are Stacked Stone Ledger Panels?

Ledger panels also referred to as ledge stone, ledger stone, or stone veneer, represent an architectural revetment tile system.

They capture the design of stacked stone panels and add dimension and texture to an installation and may be used for residential or commercial applications in both interiors and exteriors. Common applications include shower walls, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, walls in foyers, hallways, vestibules, and the other decorative surface.

In addition to being textural and visually interesting, the ledger stone is virtually maintenance-free. If you want an enhanced look, you'll seal them.

Versatility Value

In several sizes, shapes, and colors, Ledger stone comes in. It provides greater flexibility with almost every shape and color that you simply might want to travel together with your home's decor style compared to the limited choices of natural stone.

Lightweight & Cost-effective

Stone ledger panels are lighter and simpler to manufacture than real stone thanks to the ingredients wont to make ledger stone, which causes you to and your wallet happy. Also, being lightweight gives you more opportunities on where you would like it to be mounted and the way.


A façade is the home’s front exterior that faces the road. It’s the part of the house that provides its curb appeal. Stone veneer provides an ornamental element and architectural interest to homes that primarily use siding or clapboards. Exterior stone veneers are installed with a waterproof barrier, metal lathe, fasteners, and mortar. Bonding agents and pigments are often added to the mortar. There are optional sealants available to attenuate cleaning but sealants can change the color of the stone.

Outdoor Fireplaces

A growing trend is the addition of an outside fireplace for both cooking and gathering. Outdoor fireplaces are often either wood or gas-fueled and stone veneers provide a final touch.


Stone and veneer trims can make a serious impact on the design and elegance of a home. Even minimal trims, like stone veneer added to a post, provide architectural interest.


Stone veneer panels are often used for chimneys. Veneer panels are available in a spread of styles and colors, even brick.