lvt in bathroom

Safety Topping With Luxury Vinyl Tiling - Avoid slip-flip Bathroom Incidents

Four years down the line there are none to contend LVT flooring confirms the Luxury Vinyl Tiling Global Forecast Report 2024. You needn't do any research looking for good ideas for LVT floors as it ace-gallops trends till 2024. No doubt prestige matters but not above one's life. Wet floor areas are prone to slip-dip due to loose grip. Do not proceed to install LVT in the bathroom before knowing the safety guidelines.

Anti-slip Tile flooring Rating

R-13 to R-9

R-13 provides the highest safety & quality descends respectively. Friction is directly proportional to the wetness of the floor. The higher the rating, the less you slip-flip. Assess your Tile resistance to install LVT in the Bathroom. We suggest to first match your tile-safety standards & then go ahead in choosing the tile's quality & shades.

The Law of gravity surfaces your movement. Your skit unintentionally on various floors as your shoe sole goes for a break leaving you brakeless. As you enter restrooms or both, public or home bathrooms you slide more & walk less. This movement is very risky as it may cause head over heel flip which can be fatal but some wash-room walks are quite gripped. Bathroom tiles upon which you do not skid-slip are of anti-slip standards & you must have this slip-resistant in your Bathroom floor or near & around pool areas. You must adhere to anti-slip standards, refer Floor Slip Resistance Testing Standards (ANSI A137. 1).

Now you know about the Tile flooring safety standards, you can proceed to install LVT in the bathroom with our Smart Tips to LVT flooring in the Bathroom

Limestone Surfacing

Adam is incomplete without Eve & so is LVT without Limestone. As pebbles for garden flooring, so is Lime for Bath. Beach-side limestones evoke visuals of aqua, aquatic feel & aqua shower, then why not abode Limestone in your Bathroom floor. World earth's marvelous Lime-edifices that you can floor-decor infusing as beach-bath inspiration. Opt for Aqua-Marina green-blue tile color, or the Nature Green mood & can also inspire forest bath feel using Wood Shade flooring.

Other Stones for Shower Room Floor

The bliss of breathing in this era is diversity & variety. If limestone doesn't suit your need then there are many fancy-lvt & standard quality tiles for your bathroom surfacing to go with.

Above Basic Shower Room Tiles

Some major designs that are above the basics are Marino, Sand-beige, Capstone Anthracite.

Bathroom Common Tiles

Some like maintaining the legacy & go for the traditional tiling-shades for their Bathing room, like White Stone, Bisque-tile, Sheared-Slate, Oystershell.

LVT Dimension & Beneficial Features

LVT Tile dimensions 300mm x 600mm, easy

surface-fits are warm underfoot. Most Granite & Ceramic dealer stock pack of 10 LVT due to the surging demand. Limestone tiles are available mostly 10 pcs in a packet which weighs approximately 14.77kg /pack, 4mm thick. Its stain-resistant,available with anti-slip resistance rating, easy to install, glueless fit, 100% waterproof, easy to clean, SOS for wet bases & is economical & scopes up-gradation.