6 things your kitchen is trying to tell you

Basic kitchen needs and basic kitchen tool names are essential in kitchen design ideas. This article is all about the best kitchen items, basic kitchen safety things, kitchen design, and everything else about your kitchen.

1. A Chef's Knife of Consistency

You do just need ONE knife to cook in your kitchen, and that's an eight-inch chef's knife. A smooth one that's easy to carry, preferably.

After that in a minimalist kitchen, it's worth looking at a paring knife and a serrated knife for basic cooking needs. The breakdown is here:

For most slicing and cutting, a chef's knife is for For cutting tomatoes and bread, a serrated knife is for A paring knife is meant to cut smaller soft goods such as strawberries or apples. I do not recommend their knives as much as I love Ikea. After only a few uses, they go boring, and you can find far better choices at a slightly higher cost.

2. A couple of decent pots and pans of various sizes

In a small kitchen, a three and six-quarter pot will get you very far, particularly if you're cooking for one or two. For items like oatmeal, boiling eggs, fast sauces, and small batches of rice, a 3-quart pot would be nice. For cooking pasta, larger portions of grains, chilis, soups, stews, and popping popcorn, the bigger pot will come in handy!

3. Food Processor Mini

Processors for food are very flexible. Pesto, hummus, cauliflower rice and even ice cream are perfect for making them! (Forget, seriously, the ice cream maker.) You don't need a huge one either!

4. Containers of food that won't spill

You're going to need storage bins if you do some cooking or prepping. Although you can get cheap ones for $5 at the store, you should invest in those of higher quality.

There are plenty of high-quality choices out there to choose from, whatever your choice, whether glass or plastic.

5. Stainless steel or glass bowls for mixing

Without bowls, this kitchen equipment list wouldn't be full! Actually, once you start cooking, you won't know just how necessary mixing bowls are. Well, try anyway. If it's tossing a salad or making up a batter for cookies, you'll soon discover that all of your usual bowls are not large enough for what you need them to do. If you want to prevent needless splashes and spills, large and medium-sized mixing bowls are the perfect instruments for these tasks.

<6. A slow cooker

Some people prefer to use a slow cooker to make bulk meals because they can simply turn it on and let it do its thing. It'll even prepare food when you're at work or doing errands, so when you get home, dinner is already ready to go.

With these essential items in your arsenal, you’ll have an awesome kitchen in no time!