seven tips to finish edges of glass tile backsplash

This article is all about glass tile backsplash and accompanying topics like how to cut glass tile without chipping, how to hide cut edge of the tile, how to finish tile edges with caulk, how to finish the top row of tiles, how to cut glass tile around outlets, and everything about glass tile scrolling tools and kitchen backsplash edges.

What to try to When Cutting Curves in Glass Tile

Straight lines just won't do if you're laying glass tile around a pipe or other curved object. You can, however, achieve a smooth curve by employing a scoring tool, wet saw, grozing pliers, and a rubbing stone together, and blending a number of the methods detailed above.

STEP 1: With a washable marker and score, mark your cut.

On the glass tile, draw the curved line in a washable marker, then carefully pull the hand-held glass scoring tool along the marked guideline towards you. Since you’ll be doing this freehand, without a straightedge to guide the tool, work carefully and precisely throughout.

STEP 2: Make flat cuts perpendicular to the line being scored.

With a wet saw, make multiple straight cuts (approximately ⅜ inch apart), ranging from the sting of the portion of the tile that you’re getting to discard to the scored line, working perpendicular to the scored line. These cuts will end in narrow spokes of glass. As you near the sides of your curve, your straight cuts will shorten.

STEP 3: break these glass spokes around the curved cut.

Snap off the thin rows of glass one at a time using grozing pliers until you’re left with just the curved glass tile.

STEP 4: Smooth the sides before installation.

With a rubbing stone, smooth and polish the cut. Once the glass shavings and markers are wiped away with the help of a damp cloth, the tile is ready to be installed on your sleek new surface.

Nipping Glass Tiles with Wheeled Mosaic Nippers

Mosaic nippers most frequently want to cut small, irregularly shaped pieces of glass tile to be utilized in artistic designs. While with any of the methods outlined here it’s helpful to practice on a couple of spare tiles before leaping ahead, practice is especially important here. Nipping isn't as precise as scoring or cutting with a wet saw.


  • Washable marker
  • Wheeled mosaic nippers
  • Goggles
  • Cloth
  • STEP 1: With a washable marker, label your cut.

    Draw guidelines in marker on your glass tile.

    STEP 2: Wear protective gear, including goggles.

    Always wear protective eyewear and don’t nip tiles while others are nearby, as these cuts will send nipped glass shooting across all over the place. Hold the nippers in your hand (the same way you'd hold ordinary pliers), keeping them on the brink of your surface, and position the sting of the wheels along the road you would like to chop.

    STEP 3: Cut the glass tile.

    Squeeze the nipper’s handles forcefully to chop through the tile.