Give your guests a reason to remember you and your home by offering them a dreamy guest room. A guest room should be warm, welcoming, and impressive without going too overboard. In the holiday season, don’t let your visitors down with a shabby guest room. Instead, use our tips and ideas to amp up your guest room’s vibe and ensure that their visit remains memorable.

You will need a few things to add to your room, a few things to subtract, and a few things to modify. And in no time will you have the most dreamy guest room ever.

Keep it minimal

Remember that you do not need a lot of stuff to make your guest room comfortable. More often than not, less is more when it comes to the guest room interior. All you need are layers of fresh linen, a corner table, a reading lamp, and some pillows. Simply keep everything neat and clean and fluff the pillows when guests come to stay.

Keep it well lit

Ideally, your guest room should have plenty of natural light coming in. If for inevitable reasons you cannot make the room open to natural light, make sure to keep it well lit with artificial lights, preferably of bright colors. Also make sure you have eye masks handy since a lot of light can be detrimental for sleep at times, and you do not want your guests to be sleep deprived.

Keep it green

Chances are high that all your guests will be pleasantly surprised if they find indoor plants and trees in the guest room. You would want to keep it minimal here as well since a lot of greenery in a close space can be too overbearing. Incorporate easy to maintain indoor plants in your guest room space and watch your guests' admiration for them and you.

Keep it productive

If your space allows it, incorporate a workspace in your guest room plan. Keep it minimal with a simple desk or console, a chair, and adequate lighting and connectivity facilities. It will add a hotel room touch to your guest room and your guests would appreciate your efforts and find it extremely helpful in many cases.

Keep it themed

A themed guest room is a certain way of impressing your guests. Go with a theme that matches with the rest of your house, and also keep it aligned to the location of your space. As safe options, we recommend something like nautical themes or coastal beach themes. Include guest room decorating ideas following your selected theme.

Keep enough closet space

Your guests would appreciate it if you provide them with ample closet space for all their stuff. Hanging rails are an inexpensive and simple solution if you do not have the scope for a proper wardrobe. Console tables and a small set of drawers are also excellent choices. Whatever you do, make sure your guests have enough space to keep all their belongings properly.

Have fun designing your guest room with our ideas and tips. Your guests will be thankful for the extra effort you put into your guest room.