right way to personalize your living room with unique design

If you are trying to understand how to make your living room look modern, our living room ideas for 2020 are here to your aid. Living room wall design and living room interior design are important aspects of your living room, and knowing how to them right will transform the way your living space looks.

Modern is a term that gets thrown around a lot when describing a particular style when it comes to living room decorating. But the fact is, from mid-century to maximalism, several distinct kinds of looks can be summed up as modern. We put together the whole round-up of our favorite examples of modern living rooms to help you figure it all out.

Colorful modern living room

Furniture and décor in stunning bursts of color, like the striking centerpiece around a hot pink fireplace, redefine what modern decoration entails. It does not distract from keeping the walls white when scattering vivid colors around the room but instead compliments the magnificent heart of the room.

Welcome the velvet trend

Since last fall, when it was considered the "it" fabric, the velvet trend has been going high. There are so many benefits to bring velvet into your space, even if you do not follow trends. It is not only an iconic material, velvet also adds to any interior a lot of warmth and texture and works with any theme.

Play nook for the kids

By pulling your sofa away from the wall and using either the side or the back to break the floor, carve out a special playroom nook. This offers a dedicated place for children to play while adults can watch over from nearby.

Keep on budget by refreshing your touches

We are all about mixing up your accent parts when it comes to easy and budget-friendly living room ideas. Swap some pillows with a new blanket, hang a new piece of art, or unfurl a new rug.

All these little details have a huge impact on how you look and feel in your room.

Add Attractive Light Fixtures

When too many light bulbs and fixtures are overkill and can alter or adversely affect a home's focal point. Adjust an unattractive lighting fixture to an elegant chandelier that goes with the contemporary style of your drawing room. Create one or repaint an existing chandelier yourself. Strong overhead colors complement a room's lighter shade. Alternatively, a brighter, encrusted glass shade holds the emphasis on the interior design of your drawing room.

Mirrors for a sensation bigger than life

Mirrors help a room stretch, even a tiny one at that. They make the living rooms look larger, sleeker, and more modern. Rest or fix a large mirror against one wall, rest it on a mantle, or put one at the entrance. Use various types and sizes and your drawing-room can be transformed.

Have fun redefining your living room with our ideas.