patio makeover


Many people have great ideas and passion to construct a trendy patio space in any corner of their home. But, often they end up dropping their ideas only because lack of sufficient area to cover and the huge expenses that might incur. The truth is anyone can construct a patio spot anywhere they desire, in or around their home. The construction of a patio is not as much a problem as you think, rather it is far easier.

This post makes you learn and deal with tiny patio makeovers, which are affordable as well as feasible for construction and installation of suitable highlights. The most vital thing about these makeovers is the renter-friendly feature. It is easy for one to build and shifts the patios, whenever one rents a new home. The patio is capable of meeting all possible challenges and by following the exact procedure that is mentioned here, you are going to have a tremendous and exceptional makeover of your newly discovered outdoor patio space.

Take a look over the serial steps and tips to develop a tiny patio in the available space of your home. Although the entire process of designing is a bit challenging, however by employing your creative ideas and binding them with efforts, you could get satisfactory results.

Set your Mind and Place

If you are worried about an unused space of your home that is still used for unsuitable purposes,  then a makeover of the place would be perfect to redefine its use. Yes, you can make use of that dirty and unemployed corner to set a special space for your patio.  After spotting a vacant space at your home, tighten your belts and get ready to dive into the process further.

When your accommodation lies in a rented apartment, then you need to be a little more careful before making significant changes, which invites worries. Even if you are worried about installing a patio in your rented apartment, then bid goodbye to the tensions because the simplified process leads a successful installation without damages.

 After getting a surety from your property owner, you could easily get your deposit back. Since the type of the patio here, is totally a renter-friendly one, and you can re-install it back whenever you demand. In addition to that, as far as the expenses are concerned, it shall be considered that the entire process is extensively budget-friendly.

The plus point post-installation would be the presence of an unaccustomed spot which the members of your family would love experience.


Setting the Floor

When it comes to lighting if you feel that the area is too dark or filled with dirt, go for selecting the floor patterns with pavers. As an initial step, clean all the dirt and grime from the corners and then start leveling the floor using a tamper.

Measure the total floor area and accordingly buy the paver base, paver stones and some quantity of gravel or pebbles. 12 x 12 inches pavers are recommended. Pavers are the best option for initiating inexpensive and budget-friendly makeovers.

When you complete leveling, you need to layer the area with the paver base. Again, tamper the floor to steer clear off the vicissitudes if any. Line the pavers one after the other and then cover it with the paver sand. Tamper the entire placements and clear off the extra sand. Now line up the outer layer of the pavers with the gravels or pebbles of your choice.


Position the Slat Wall

Slat walls can be considered suitable for covering dirty backgrounds that spoil the scene. While you are with your minimal expensing strategy, you can opt for the slat walls, which are available in your desired dimensions and wonderful shades.

 After you select the exact dimension of the slat, you can paint them as your creativity suggests. This is a vital thing that one can do while proceeding for building own walls with the use of the slats. Moreover, these slats can be easily relocated from one position to another.

Slats are available in variant dimensions like 1 x 3, 2 x 4, etc. strips. You can choose a suitable one based on your requirement. In order to build four-fenced walls, 20-50 pieces might be required per wall.

After lining up the slats using bolts and screws, you can paint them according to your design. Thus, you have now covered four walls and the flooring part.


Next, go for a Perfect Outdoor Décor

Enter into the fun part now. You can select the outdoor décor from a wide variety. Make sure that the patios are higher towards the sky. In this way, you will receive good outdoor light.
You can pick a patio set that is very close to suit your needs and availability. Prefer choosing an outdoor coffee table in a size which enhances your available place. Go fir entertaining storage box to store the stuff that you might want in your leisure time. With the patio, make sure that you get hold of a pair of couches, to complete the setup of your lounge.

In the storage boxes, reserve a set of cushions or tiny pillows for adding comfort.


Patio Accessories

You can even store other accessories like a shawl, neck pillow, fabric footwear, books, and similar such add-ons, in the patio storages. An advanced level of personalization can be added by placing shawls, books, music setting of your choice, which you might require as you take a break from the routine stress and bustling activities.

Accessories not only make you comfort and de-stressed, but they also soothe and make your special guests unwind their senses. With the perfect looking tables and trays, you will make the environment spot with queer joy.

You can even add up the area, with some extra metal garden furniture to add shimmer to the makeover.


Extra Lights

For establishing an aesthetic setting, a couple of fairy lights and lamps can be preferred. You can lift-up your patio makeover by adding a few fancy lights. Lighting makes all the difference. You can change the position of your patio space lighting, by adjusting the patio umbrella up and down. The more the light enters the area, the more it becomes spacious. 

You have a wide variety of lights to choose from including bistro styled ones, string lights, lanterns and of course shimmer with LED candles.

Add Greenery to your Patio

Now, what is next? It must be the plants, which can further embellish the beauty. You can go for plants that can survive even in the low lit areas.  Make sure that the plants that you choose need no continuous attention. They should be capable enough to bring grace and light, with no vast nurturing. Succulents, dark green shaded ones are recommended since they are suitable as well as attractive.

The Fire Area

You can opt for bringing in a fire-pit under your patio. A fire pit is something that can offer you cozy and snuggling nights for relaxing in your patio space. Just lit up a fire using any of the convenient methods, throw some bright shaded pillows and blankets over your couch, and soothe yourself.


With the perfect blend of your creativity, innovation, and efforts, you have given your patio the desirous makeover. An aesthetic setting is what pleases our hearts and what could be better than having a beautiful one inside our home? Buckle up your ideas and give shape to the setting that your heart desires.