renovates the perfect kitchen and bathroom


When it is the kitchen -bath remodeling it’s not confined to just walling-tiling, but nets wider inclusion, like kitchen appliances, cutleries, organizers & countertop. Kitchen items tell-tale their tech-legacy now. Spoon associates with social-media now, refrigerator plays papa-mama kind of role reminding inner freezing history with visuals and there are more robotic-mentions which you will bank down scrolling our blog. First we shall feed-tip you with Cook-Reno tips, then with tub-room.

Glimpse of Digital-Kitchen

Organic Grow Concept

At the Consumer Electronic Show 2020, an organic grow system in the kitchen was in display. GE Home-Grown tech demonstrated organic kitchen grow-system that transformed kitchen into a mini farm layout layering food-grow arena. This is yet to market launch soon.

Intelligent & Adaptive Surfaces

The most remarkable kitchen-technology is Smart Adaptive Surfacing concept which transforms as per user’s requirement. It is a kind of personalized kitchen-setup. GE names it as Shift, that adapts to user’s will.

Smart Refrigerator

It is actually a smart kitchen appliance built on the retrofit-fridge concept, which features dual cameras, with transparent insta-screen that informs about stock-shortages and re-orders food when inventory reaches a minimum low.

In-built Micro-wave

What if someone reminds you about an ingredient miss-out in before serve? Well novel kitchen appliances do so. The latest in-built micro-wave is tech-designed to deliver delightful digital cooking experience. It also screens the temperature. It is tech-facilitated to detect-inform doneness of food items, adjust cooking temperature flow and pops info about any missing ingredients.


This smart gadget auto records recipe while you cook, sensor-fed to measure weight & temperature & voice-reciprocates to your voice thank.

Bot Chef – Luxury Signature

These Bot-Arms may not serve actual kitchen purpose, except for your status upgrade, Two white Bot-arms moves with six degree liberty, has 4 major arm joints, & 3 fingers. Chef-Bot prepares salads mimicking human arms movement.


Digital-Bathroom has enormous innovative gadgets that sings real technology tune. Remodeling bathroom doesn’t confine to wall-floor surfaces, but renovates at micro-level. Without novel-gadgets involvement, this age won’t define it as renovation.

Zero-Gravity Floating Tub

Have space experience with Zero-Gravity Floating Tub. Zero-gravity bathtub made an appearance at CES 2020. It feels like floating in space, a weightlessness relaxing experience. It is constituted with Galato & can capacitate approximately 77.5 gallons of water and features touch-control keypad, adjustable -headrest, ED -lighting, massage water-jets and not the least, toe-touch drain. It’s more of luxury-driven.

Smart Bathroom Mat

It is more of a mini-carpet health feed gadget and earn repute of first ‘smart bathroom –mat’ that weighs user. It displays body measures like weight, body-mass indexing with insights health-feed. The in-built map-reading system reads pressure, & provides posture score with exercise-suggest.

Smart Mirror

Bags award in the smart home category at CES 2020, this smart-mirror in built with Care-OS personalized skin & personal care. Loaded with facial-recognition feature, with skin care feed on individual basis.

If you want details of kitchen- gadgets surf to CES 2020 portal.