Welcome to the ultimate guide to orchids. If you have wondered, How do I care for my indoor orchid? Or, which type of orchid do I have? If you have, you are at the right place. This article is about how to grow orchids, choosing house plants, orchid care, orchid flowers, types of houseplants, and everything else about orchids. Read on to know more.

Orchids are one of the foremost beloved families of flowering plants. However, there are tons of misperceptions about how fragile and difficult growing orchids are often. For the typical plant lover, this might make them dismissive of orchids as something they will grow indoors. Of course, an orchid may require special needs like humidity levels, growing medium and other factors, but they'll not be as difficult or fragile as you've been led to believe.

What is an orchid?

An orchid may be a sort of angiosperm that's a part of the Orchidaceae family. they're in one among the most important families of flowering plants. Today, there are approximately 28,000 accepted and acknowledged species of orchid. They are available in a variety of colors and shades which has made them very, very fashionable among gardeners and people who wish to breed new species of plants and have colorful indoor plants.

Where do orchids grow naturally?

One of the more interesting things about orchids is that they do not grow in soil. If you grow orchids and check out to place them within the soil, you'll likely kill them.

Orchid roots are covered with a white, moisture-absorbing substance that has got to be exposed to air. They grow on tree branches, for instance, in many cases or they attach to other portions of other plants. Orchids that grow on the bottom are usually grown in humus-rich soil, which suggests the portion of the soil that's composed mostly of organic matter that's without structure.

Orchids grow in a variety of places and several sources of sunshine. they tend to wish for an honest amount of sunshine, but not an excessive amount of intense direct light. They need a reputation of wanting to grow in humid areas, but that's not the case for all species.

Growing Your First Orchid

Now that you’re familiar with the history of orchids and you understand the basics, it’s time to urge your hands on your first orchid and put a number of that theory to the test!

There are a couple of important considerations to form before you are doing this, however, so confirm you read through this chapter before going out and buying your first orchid. it'll prevent money, time, and energy. The first is to decide on where you’re getting to buy your first orchid from. With orchids being popular lately, there’s no shortage of options and a few are better than others.

If you're serious about growing orchids, then you’ll probably want to avoid those at hardware stores or general nurseries. There are some exceptions, but generally, these orchids aren’t as top quality as you’ll plan and are aimed toward people that just enjoy having them in their environment.