Mediterranean style bedroom ideas are an all-time favorite among architects and interior designers. The Mediterranean decor is influenced by European ideas of eloquence, rustic art, earthy color schemes intermingling with shades of blue. These traditional ideas are now being combined with more modern elements to give you the ultimate look and feel of European glory in your bedroom.

The three countries contributing to Mediterranean art and decor are Spain, Italy, and Greece. Each country has its own culture which incorporates different color schemes, patterns and designs, and decor.

Let’s find out how to bring the Mediterranean to your bedroom.

Italian style bedroom

The old-world charm of Mediterranean-Italian rustic feel is achieved by luxurious extravagant furniture, dark wooden floors, and rustic ceiling beams made up of wood. The color scheme is made up of rich, bold red tones juxtaposed with earthy hues. Amidst the earthly hues, the bold colors pop out and give a distinctive look. Venetian plasters, faux finishes, stucco walls, distressed stone textures are all common in Italian style Mediterranean bedroom designs. Italian bedrooms are lavish and luxurious, keeping intact the charm of old Italy.

Greek-style bedroom ideas

The dominant colors in greek style Mediterranean bedroom designs are deep and bright turquoises, blues, and Aquas. All these colors reflect the color of the sea. The essence of greek style bedroom is to bring a flavor of the sea to your bedroom. These bright colors are often mixed with shades of whites, and applied on regal columns and pillars, as is seen in the greek revival style. White walls and deep blues can be presented along with traditional greek motifs in your bedroom. Incorporation of modern, functional decor following the color scheme will add a touch of modernity to your traditionally styled bedroom.

Spanish style bedroom

Spanish style bedrooms are known for their usage of daring, bright colors. There is a strong influence of Moorish and Moroccan elements in Spanish style interior designing. Some prominent examples of Moorish and Moroccan influence can be seen in the form of wrought iron furniture, stucco walls, lively textures, patterned tile floors, etc.

Modern Mediterranean style

Mixing and matching modern furniture with traditional Mediterranean color schemes, patterns, and motifs will produce a stunning combination that can be called the modern Mediterranean style. Rustic wooden beams, antique decor can be mingled with modern furniture to achieve this effect. The color scheme is extremely important for modern Mediterranean bedroom designs. It can be monochromatic or complementary, but it should hold your pieces together and create a coherent, integrated design.

The Mediterranean style is a warm and inviting school of interior design. It is easy, fun, bright, modern, traditional, urban, rustic: all at the same time. The possibilities with Mediterranean styles are limitless. Its popularity has been growing for all the good reasons, and we don’t see it fading away any time soon.