Nobody ever asks how can I make my balcony smaller, and that makes balcony design for a small house especially challenging and fun at the same time. This blog post is all about small balcony garden ideas, balcony garden plants, home balcony designs, and how to make a balcony garden. Read on to transform your balcony easily.

Deciding what to grow

It’s best to plant shrubs during a terrace garden. A plant with deep roots might not grow if planted during a pot or may embed itself in walls or flat surfaces. Flowering plants – where blooms appear on the highest branches or vegetables like tomatoes and chilies that need minimal care also are great options. Also brinjal, lime, cucumber. Or herbs in pots – like a burning plant, basil, chives, and lemongrass are great options too. Of course, patient care over a couple of months is required to enable seeds to grow! And remember – a mixture of summer and winter plants and flowers will ensure blossoms throughout the year.

Getting the soil right

Plants will grow well once they receive nutrition from the right soil mix. a mixture of soil and compost is the best thanks to ensuring food for our plants. Compost is often topped up hebdomadally for ongoing nutrition to plants. Care must be taken to make sure that heavy downpour doesn't wash away topsoil and its nutrients.

Giving some sunshine

Plants need about 4 to six hours of direct sunlight. Even so-called indoor plants got to be placed outside within the shade from time to time. to make sure your plants get their quota.

The watering principle

Watch out for the standard of the soil – it'll tell you whether your plant is thirsty. Or not. Regular watering is important in summers. Watering at longer intervals in winter is named for. Within the monsoons, keep a watch as excessive watering pots can even be harmful to plants.

Making it pretty

It’s really up to your imagination. Planters, pots, waterbodies, accessories – the list of things to prettify your terrace garden are often endless. Experiment with bottles, cups and saucers, teapots. Use colored stones artfully placed for effect. Stylish chairs or low seating can add a replacement twist – and convert your garden into a favorite space. Strings of artfully draped fairy-lights, Moorish style lanterns, and ethnic lanterns can create magic during nighttime. to make sure your plants and blossoms are showed their best effect – ensure different levels of the display – with the tallest ones against walls and smaller ones up front – or hanging or put up against walls. Smaller plants and bonsai got to be carefully placed where the probabilities of injury are minimal. Also – avoid mess and maintain plants pruned and smoothed.

Don’t forget your basics

Ensure that there's a slight incline on your terrace or floor towards the drain. Make sure you waterproof areas that hold plants or where you grow grass to stop seepage. make sure that you've got a back-up system to water and nurture your garden if you're traveling. And last but not least. Keep a watch on your garden. See what looks tired, or thirsty. Or overfed and over-watered. Nip possible problems within the bud.