mind blowing method on tiles design and tiles selection for your homeChoosing tiles for a new house can be intimidating. Which tiles are best for you? That's not an easy question to answer. Hence, we show you easy ways to select tiles, living room tile designs, living room tile designs, and tell you how to select the right tiles.


With regards to wall tiles, there are not any confinements while choosing tiles as floor tiles can likewise be utilized on walls also. The kitchen is viewed as a high movement zone and thus requires a troublesome and useful tile that will not scratch or show stains effortlessly.

For indoor tiles, the measure of movement the region will get is critical to decide on the extent of scraped spot opposition the tile needs to have. When trying to find tiles, purchase around 10 percent quite the number required as you'll need the additional tile just in case if one or two tile plates are damaged, it'll be extremely difficult to seek out an equivalent set of tile designs.


It’s best to travel for ceramic tiles within the bathroom. While glazed ones work well for walls, it’s not an excellent idea to try to do an equivalent for floors. they typically become slippery when wet, and that’s a touch dangerous. you'll choose natural stones like granite, sandstone, or maybe slate.

These options are extremely durable and add slightly elegance to your bathroom. you'll also mix and match and add a component of color by going for borders for your tiles. While tiles are available altogether sorts of all sizes, it’s best to travel for 3” x 6” tiles.

Living room

You can be a touch experimental, once you choose tiles for your front room - use ceramic tiles to natural stones, terracotta, or porcelain. For an outsized and spacious front room, designer and textured marble tiles look elegant and fashionable, while terracotta tiles look amazing in small living rooms.


Go for ceramic tiles within the kitchen, keeping their durability and variety in mind! Tiles that are scratch-resistant work best, since this space is in constant use. you'll match the interiors also because of the tiles within the kitchen once you do up the walls or floors. It’s best to travel for little tiles during a small kitchen and enormous ones for an outsized space.

Wall and floor tiles

The strength of a tile is decided supported by the number of times it's fired up. Wall tiles are more porous and have a better capacity to soak up water. However, wall tiles are less stable as compared to floor tiles, which absorb less water and are more durable.

Before picking tiles for your home, it's essential to believe in the functionality of an area. make sure that the tensile and abrasive strengths of the tiles are defined to be scratch-resistant and unbreakable. Tiles must even have the innate ability to face up to UV rays, especially when used on outdoor walls. Check the water absorption rate and maintenance value to avoid regular polishes and maintenance.