maintenance polished honed and tumbled finishes for floor

Maintenance polished honed and tumbled finishes for floors

The endurance of a stone does not depend on its finish whether you opt for polished granite or honed granite or tumbled marble. The essence is, that you will have to properly care for it. Once you know the trick to keep the best floor new, floor care & maintenance will never be an issue. Taking up Floor-Care activity periodically will sparkle your floor for a longer time. How to Floor Maintain is easy, keep reading our blog.

Honed marble tiles in bathrooms are smoother & easier to maintain than those with a polished marble finish. They are more resistant to scratches and are less slip-flip when wet. Periodic cleaning on consistent basis is the key to keep your marble tiles tip-top.

Consider developing a habit of your marble tiles once a week with recommended marble cleanser or a mild non-acid house-hold cleaner. Drench the entire area with hot water; apply cleaning solution in circular pattern. Use sponge, cloth or soft nylon brush. Follow directions with regards to time. Avoid using standard bar-soap, since it may react causing discoloration seeping beneath the surface.

Be careful using oil care products, hair treatments & cosmetics around honed marble showers, countertops & floors. Reduce the water build-up stains in marble showers wiping dry after each use. This prevents minerals in water from etching into marble. Sealing marble-tiles periodically is needed.

Honed Granite

Honed surfaces are smooth & more porous compared to polished ones. Even when treated with a sealant, honed-granite is more prone to stains–when spilled on the surface, dark edibles & drinks leaves spot-stain and or fades. Acid secretes of fruit juices, alcoholic beverages & soda etch the surface. To prevent honed-granite from absorbing water & staining, frequent resealing is needed. Make sure to wipe the surfaces routinely with a damp cloth & dry them thoroughly with towel to prevent moisture settlement & water spots. Honed surfaces are slip-less than polished floors, so honed granite is more used for floors, stairs & other areas where presence of poses risk of falling. Additionally, it’s also preferred for high-traffic areas where foot-falls is high which cause polished finish to deteriorate quickly.

Sealing Tumbled Marble

Tumbled marble needs sealing after installation with a sealer that is specifically formulated for stone to maximize protection against dirt, dust, debris which is in the pits. There are two types of sealers for tumbled marble: penetrating sealer and color-enhancing sealer which will deepen the color of the tile. Test a sample tile before sealing the entire tiled surface. Sealing application is easy; you need to brush, roll or wipe entire surface following the instructions on the product’s label.

Cleaning Tumbled Marble

Marble is porous and is alkaline based; therefore it’s sensitive to acid. Steer-clear acid-based cleaners using lemon & vinegar, or anything that’s volatile like alcohol content, as it will break-down the surface. You can have this cleaning activity done using gentle non-abrasive pH-neutral-cleaner.

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