Ledger panels (also known as ledger stone or ledger veneer) have become quite popular in today's architectural and interior design because of its versatility, accentual qualities, and ease of installation. Ledger panels are horizontal pieces of neatly-cut natural stone organized onto panels. Each panel can be laid on a surface to create a seamless yet organic stone look with little to no maintenance.

One reason ledger panels are easy to work with is they come in two shapes: flat panel or an L-shape. Flat panels can be added to any flat surface or wall and L-shapes are conveniently shaped for outside corners. In outdoor usage, ledger panels can be accents to seating areas, retaining walls, around fountains, facades of homes, and the like. They can be found indoors around fireplaces, backsplashes, shower walls, and more. They also come in a variety of different textures, from smooth finishes to rugged, rustic touches, as well as various stone types (limestone, marble, travertine, to name a few). In any case, ledger panels add dimension, color, and texture that will give any type of space a luxurious feel. 

The beauty of ledger panels is they do not necessarily need to be pre-planned to look good. Whether it is a complete remodeling overhaul from bare studs or a small afterthought project, ledger panels will still add a ton of aesthetic value. An old family room can benefit by just adding an accent wall of ledger panels.

When choosing a type of stone, be sure to consider the overall look of the room or walls. Selections of ledger panels are huge, so it may be daunting at first in deciding what type to choose. As with any home project, think about what overall feel you want the room or space to present. For example, a backyard with a barbecue pit will evoke a more fun yet relaxing atmosphere, whereas a living room will want to feel cozy and calm.

Because the barbecue pit is an outdoor space, you may want to choose something with rough textures and earth tones to complement the outdoors and still look good even with wear and tear from the weather. As for the living room, a more uniform color scheme without too many accent hues will help to create that calm atmosphere. Sift through pictures of different spaces and rooms in home magazines or browse online for ideas to help determine what type of look you want. From there, picking out the right stone for the project will be simpler. However, because ledger panels are made of natural stone, their neutral tones will complement almost any color scheme, adding life and uniqueness to the space! In other words, you can't go wrong with ledger panels! 

Shopping for tiles for any remodeling project can be fun and exciting, but don't limit yourself to just brick and mortar stores. Online stores often have a greater selection of materials to choose from and sometimes even offer better resources, deals, and service than your local home improvement store.


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