ideas for mid-century modern living room decor

If you are wondering how to decorate a midcentury modern living room or a vintage modern living room, you have landed at the right place. The focus is on modern living room ideas, mid-century modern decor, mid-century house style, and mid-century living room tables, decor, etc. Read on to find out more.

What is midcentury decor?

Enthusiasts of architecture applaud the industrial style of the mid-century, but what is it for real? In her 1984 collection, introduced by author Cara Greenberg, mid-century modern refers to items from the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s that pushed engineering boundaries. After World War II, famous designers desperate for inspiration took war materials and molded them into classic chairs, tables, and lamps, furniture whose style has never been improved, products now sought after and replicated. Follow our comprehensive guide and links on how to integrate modern pieces from the mid-century and the concept of good living of the style into your inspired living room full of the wonder of the fifties.

Let the contemporary mid-century look seamless

Using a tilter to give fresh air, match your lounge with the high wooden windows typical of the theme. Here, by using wooden-legged chairs, a peach accent chair, nested coffee tables, and long three-seater tables, your interior will give differentiation without dominating one item. Light a swing arm wall lamp like this next to Tom Dixon's Bell table lamp to combine matching metallics. Behind your sofa, sprigs of poppies might add emphasis, as ferns pop up around your living room in planters. You can have a space to read books surrounding the TV by matching a leather floor pouf to your wooden joinery.

Imagine being away on vacation in the mid-century, modern

To create a daily getaway, use shades of white, turquoise, and gold next to an artificial Areca palm. To add a splash more color, spread a jute rug under your couches and tie metallic end tables, each featuring three rounds of glass, into hues for leaf-patterned pillows. The triangular legging of Prism coffee tables will further catch the eye, as a wide arc floor lamp bends over the scene. Light up a row of windows with the incoming sun of the day, ending with a tufted floor pillow with turquoise songs, sofa cushions, and table ornaments.

Creating the look with various materials and textures

Coat your seats in brown leather Barcelona-style benches, mid-century modern classic chairs, and a blue metal accent chair in the Platner style to design an eclectic, but not overpowering, living room. To build a lounge that looks ever so put-together, tie together a marble coffee table, metallic standing lamp, and tulip-style end tables.

Have an amazing midcentury look with these ideas and inspirations.