how to select the best subway tile design for kitchen and bath projectWelcome to our ultimate guide to subway tile patterns. Kitchen tile design and trends always mention subway tile patterns kitchen backsplash and different subway tile patterns and layout designs. With this guide, you will know how to choose the perfect subway tile color and pattern, and other things.


The most traditional sort of pattern that you simply can choose for subway tile is the brick layout. This sort of pattern is straightforward to put in, and you'll even roll in the hay to yourself. you'll also take this pattern and go vertically with it. Stacked tile may be a modern combat brick pattern. rather than having each tile slightly staggered with one another, you'd stack the subway tiles directly on top of every other to make columns. Herringbone is a pattern that will add tons of personality and character to any space you ought to choose. Partner this pattern with dark grout and you've got yourself an attention-grabbing backsplash or floor. Herringbone isn’t exactly a DIY project, but if you're one among the brave, make certain to review abreast of the technique before embarking on this endeavor.


If you're moving on to picking the form of your tile, the probabilities are that you simply have selected a pattern. The standard subway tile is 3-inch by 6-inch and shaped sort of a rectangle, but subway tiles can range anywhere in size from 1-inch by 6-inch, 2 by 6, or 12 by 24.

Stack bond

This is a well-liked choice. With its clean lines and simplistic expression, stack bond subway tiles in the horizontal layout are an excellent choice in any style of home. they need a contemporary yet retro feel which makes them timeless.

Use trim pieces

This goes for any tile job, if you would like it to seem finished and tailored… use trim pieces! The above image looks over the highest due to the architecture. It’s stunning and not you get the point!

Wallpaper look

Try employing a patterned, wallpaper-look tile above a wainscot and subway tile during a complementary on rock bottom that may add color and interest to a ladies' room, and you'll still keep the palette neutral.

Classic herringbone

Whether it's for the ground or the wall, a herringbone-patterned subway tile design can transform your bathroom into a dream. it'll help create a press release feature in any space. But if you're after a Scandinavian style, I might say remember ‘less is more’ so maybe choose one wall or inside the shower only.

Utilize borders

The beautiful thing about subway tile is that it comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Don’t be afraid to feature a touching contrast with an inset border. you'll even use special material! Look how beautifully marble Carrara pairs with classic white subway within the above image. Again, looking back through history, this system was commonly installed. Spoiler alert… there'll even be a border in my guest bath and just watching the planning plan gets me all types of excited for a fun graphic detail.