how to select the best rocks to design stone wallsStone finishes for exterior walls and stone wall treatment ideas are very essential for the well-being of your house. This blog post is here to types of stone for interior walls, and give you wall stone in living room ideas, best interior stone wall ideas and design, and even further. Read on to find out.

Gone are the times when stone and bricks were used as constructional material in interiors to supply strength and sturdiness to the architectural structure of the building. lately stone and bricks have replaced wall colors, textures, woodworks, soft fabrics, etc. to an extent to offer aesthetic and raw looks to interiors. They not just beautify the exteriors but also provide a top-quality look to interiors walls and flooring. to urge the important raw, exotic and original look from the pages of real designing one may prefer to choose brick or stonework designing at their interiors also as at the outside space. In any case, they're truly eligible to supply world-class designs that too for years.


There are endless options in stones and you'll choose consistent with your style and purpose. As already mentioned, marble, slate, and granite form an enormous part of modern interior and architecture. For a soothing look, limestone and sandstone which are available with lighter hues of yellow and grey are good options, especially when used for walls. Travertine stones have a busy and textured look with cracked imprints and are a favorite to be used in bathrooms. Terrazzo and mosaic which are patterned stones add an inventive touch and may be utilized in various ways for the toilet and kitchen. These stones are easy to wipe clean and don't absorb water easily.

Granite Tile

Granite, as you'll know, gets formed thanks to the exposure of igneous rocks to high heat. Granite tile is extremely strong and dense, therefore, you'll easily calculate them for durable walls. With these tiles, you'll have a good sort of colors and patterns to blend naturally into your room and match your furniture. The tiles are immune to wear, damage, and destruction. Granite is both subtle and ornamental since it's a sparkling appearance when exposed to both artificial and natural light.

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are trending as décor for commercial spaces, kitchens, and bathrooms within the Middle East. Marbles can smoothly dig tiles of varied sizes and shapes. And for walls, the stone can remain as durable as granite. If you're seeking to make your room look bigger, choose a bright color and tiles with an outsized format. Marble is popular for its wavy or veined patterns that give your room elegance and ambiance.


There are some incredible ways during which you'll use natural stones to embellish your space. Clusters of pebbles function as an excellent base for bathtubs, creating a natural ambiance. you'll also use a mixture of pebbles and stones under your washbasin, during a terrarium, inset in walls forming patterns, forming a border/outline for your plants within the garden, or a pathway to your entrance then on. Bricks are an age-old favorite, hottest for porch or pathway flooring.