how to make matte porcelain tile shinyAre you wondering how to get clean shiny floor tiles? Do you want to know how to add gloss to porcelain tiles? DO you wish to learn how to shine porcelain tile shower? If your answers are yes, this blog is meant for you. We will cover everything from the best tile shine product to tips to polish matt porcelain tiles to techniques of matte tile cleaning. You can easily make porcelain tiles shiny, just read along.

Porcelain tiles are an incredible choice for flooring as they're very durable and hard. it's a perfect option because it is straightforward to wash, is maintenance-free, and can look new for years on end. Porcelain tiles are children-friendly, fire-resistant, asthma friendly, last for ages, and act well in a hot climate.

Polished porcelain tiles that are light-colored add a special look to our home. The lighter tone ones are wont to help make space look brighter and it also makes space look bigger.

Porcelain tiles when first laid have a really smooth finish and a shiny look. But as time goes by, the design can affect and may give out a really drab look. the rationale could also be anything for your tiles to seem dull or drab. It is often either grout discoloration or leftover soap or residue from all the various cleaning solutions used. If there's enough determination in us, we will get the old shine back to our porcelain tiles and make them nearly as good as new.

Things You Will Need

  • Vacuum or broom
  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • White vinegar
  • Clean Bucket
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Foam rubber brush, wax applicator, or clean mop
  • Fan
  • Tips

    To determine if the porcelain tile is unglazed, look closely at the tile. Glazed tile can are available in unlimited colors, but only on the highest layer of the tile. Further, glazed tiles are stain-resistant but easily show wear. Unglazed tiles are limited to natural colors and may easily stain, but don't show the maximum amount of wear from pedestrian traffic because the color is distributed throughout the whole tile. Remove all stains from the unglazed porcelain tile before glossing with a scrubbing brush or abrasive pad. Rinse and permit to dry. Repeat as necessary to get rid of difficult stains. Start application during a far corner of the space and work toward the door to avoid being trapped inside the space after the gloss is applied.


    Always keep the world well ventilated -- open doors, windows, or fans, for instance -- to avoid inhalation of fumes while working chemically. Glossed porcelain tile floors show smudges, scratches, and dirt more readily than unglossed tile floors.

    Important things to keep in mind

    You must confirm to wash your tiles immediately and must not await them to stain your floors. Another point to see when purchasing tiles is to see whether the tiles are pre-sealed. If they're not pre-sealed you want to confirm to try to do so when laying the tile and before grouting. this is often done to avoid staining your tiles.

    Whatever the floor may be a must and will rule to be followed is to wash up any spills promptly. Be it wine or kids spilling spaghetti sauce, it should be cleaned to avoid staining. If the cleaning isn't done right the primary few times, your tiles may look dull and a fine layer of dirt may stick with your floor.

    Day-day cleaning employing a wet mop to wash your floors will do wonders and successively, will make your floors look nearly as good as new.