how to keep a cool home inside and outside

To keep cool outside and inside is what we all want, all the time. Sometimes we wonder why it is cool outside and hot inside? Then we look for products to stay cool in the heat and lookup summer hacks to keep cool on the internet. To put an end to your woes, we will tell you here how to reduce heat in the house roof and the most cost-effective ways to cool a house.


The best time of the year to chill off at the beach is now! But if you’re a homebody, you’re probably thinking of a way to keep your house cool during the summer.

Here’s one: If you reside in a humid area, your sweat evaporates slower, so it’s best to wear loose cotton and other natural fabrics to spice up cooling. Lowering the humidity also will assist you to feel cooler. Of course, there are other ways to keep your house cool.

Reduce and Reflect Sunlight

Placing blinds, curtains, or reflective window panels are several ways to keep the sun out of windows. Keeping direct sunlight far away from your room will reduce the heat within the space.

Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

Light bulbs produce heat, especially incandescent ones. If you can’t replace this antiquated sort of bulb, the smallest amount you'll do is minimize their usage. Some homes install solar panels to assist minimize the value of electricity.

Cool Down With Cool Hues

Summer is the best time to choose a seasonal upgrade that will last throughout the year. Consider light colors for your walls that reflect heat and lightweight (say sky blue, pastel yellow, aqua, beige) rather than absorbing it. These will help keep the inside cool and even give your home a fresh, new look. Plus, light colors make interiors seem brighter.

Allow for Circulation

Open windows strategically enable cross ventilation. The simplest time to form the foremost of the breeze is from 5 am to eight am and eight pm to 10 pm. At these times the air is pleasantly cool and by opening up windows, a natural breeze is often created that keeps the indoors cool. Since temperatures drop during summer, confirm you retain the windows open especially in the dark to let the cool breeze in.

Good Night's Sleep

Satin, silk, or polyester are an enormous no-no when it involves summer bedding. Keep your linen light-colored, breathable and airy with materials like linen or cotton. They promote ventilation and airflow within the room. they will even want to enliven an area with a refreshing change of sheets.

Get a cooler roof

Have you ever gone call in the sun on a black t-shirt? Or considered why DIY solar heaters are painted black? Because they absorb heat. So why are all shingles black?

Most shingles are black because they're made out of tar. Cool Roofs are ones that reflect sunlight.

Cool roofs stay cool and reduce the quantity of warmth transferred to the house. Cool Roofs can noticeably lower a home's temperature. If you are having air-con, adding a cool roof can prevent up to fifteen off your cooling bill.

So how does one get a cool roof? one among the foremost affordable ways is to color your roof with light-colored paint specifically for roofs. Almost every sort of roofing is often painted, even shingles, but before you begin slinging a paintbrush confirm you ask your roofing manufacturer to ascertain if painting it voids your warranty.