how to increase your home value with simple kitchen renovation


Carve/Re-fort it in such a way that it serves your, serving purpose. Everything turns into art if arms engage in with interest & intend. Remember, it's your cooking area that you are renovating, so none but only you know what you fall short-off & what's in need for your kitchen organization & decor. Our blog feeds with simple kitchen remodel ideas. Now keeping in mind the above rival list we suggest is to focus on re-modelling Chimney, Sink & the Kitchen-Flooring & all the above threats will be taken care of automatically. Let's start with the most sensible & the best kitchen organization tips.

Chimneys - Solar/Electric

The ventilation keeps you fresh in your kitchen & a good chimney does this work for you provided you have installed it correctly. This is an important aspect & if not focused on can have droplets on slab & on the floor as well. You can either go for Solar or an Electric Chimney installation as both are good & the design & quality is always your choice.

Chimney Placement

If your stove is near to the wall then your requirement is for a Wall-mounted chimney. If it's an open kitchen where your stove platforms center, then opt for an Island chimney as it is positioned hanging. There are Built-in chimneys that’s flex-build designed & extra parts are not visible. You also have the option of having Corner Chimney if your stove is at the corner.


As always said, our blog's DNA is simplicity but you are more precious to us than just interiors. We care for you & before concluding we insist on nailing our suggestion of installation a comfortable Kitchen sink. This is going to benefit your life with zero backache.

Sink Installation with Positioning Option

When the sink is sealed with silicone when placed from top into the cut-out area of your work-top it is called a Surface-Mount install. If you have a concrete base like natural stone or quartz then go for Flush-mounted sink installation. If you wish to have an invisible effect, then opt for Under-mount Sink as it is installed below the worktop. Various designs floats in the market with novel sinks with flexible connections in flexible fixtures & fittings.

Choosing the right Kitchen floor edifice

Kitchen activity involves varieties of food preparation items which are made of different composites & chances of spread-smear are high. Porcelain is the best suit for your kitchen flooring.

Endurance & Fire Resistant

Porcelain lasts long & imparts fire shielding. It has high eduranance & is also a good fire resistor.

Rough & Tough

Tread wear & abrasion resistant – Porcelain tile’s durability makes it an excellent choice for floors that see a great deal of foot traffic & daily wear & tear.

Minimum Slip-Flips

Porcelain tile surfaces abrasive grit that avoids slips & falls & exhibits excellent water resistant quality.

Thermal shock & Chemical resistant

Porcelain shields against Thermal Shocks. It slides away chemicals that pour surfaces.

Upgrading your Kitchen in 2020 style is always good but only if it provides you comfort & fulfills the latest kitchen-decor.