design low maintenance backyard


People are always fascinated about renovating their homes but when it comes to the backyard, slight negligence slides in. The backyard is such an area which is always under-rated. One can transform this area into a space perfect for leisure. Although, everyone is interested people rarely opt for transforming their unused backyard into a special corner, outside their home. They drop their dream of building an amazing backyard for multiple reasons, considering the expenses, complications to buy, construct and then to maintain thereafter, urges most of the people to step back from their crazy desire of a giving a makeover to their backyard.

This post will be helpful in explaining the spikes and prongs of the entire task of structuring a low-maintenance backyard. Here, you will probably learn and get to know about the procedure to modify the unused extent of your home. Follow the steps listed below:

1. Begin with arranging for a Perfect Patio

You have plenty of options, as far as the patios are concerned. You can either use patio umbrellas or just leave them uncovered if you prefer open light to beautify your backyard. You can also consider ideas like structuring cabanas.

2. An Outdoor Privacy Screen?

If you want to add an additional layer of solitude to the open side of your backyard, make your choice with the slatted screens. It may give you the privacy that you demand. Moreover, installation of such screens would enhance the overall spirit of your backyard paving way for entertainment as well.

3. Beautify with Outdoor Curtains

If you feel that your patio is literally boxy enough to allow the scorching sunlight into your backyard, then you may go for selecting outdoor curtains. They really do palliate the hard lines of unpleasant weather that are subjected to change every season.

You need to make sure that the material you choose should be resistant enough to keep your curtains free from dirt, rain and other elements that can spoil its texture. Go for canvas drop cloth and use clip rings for managing each panel.

4. Make use of Rope Curtain Tie Backs

When you are using pipe curtain rods, you can make use of twine, ropes or similar such plumbing supplies for making simple tiebacks. They will enhance the look of your curtain fixture.

5. Go for some String Lights and a Fan

For making your patio shine bright and warm your cozy nights, go for string lights. You may add several strands to your patio beams. Consider installing a ceiling fan that not only chills the space but also offers a supplementary source of lighting. 

6. Pick suitable Outdoor Décor

Add some furniture and centerpieces to feel that you are indoor. Rugs that are much soft but durable, can go well with the outdoor furniture. A low budget sectional sofa will add both style and grace. Avoid going for expensive furniture, since they might get spoilt under humid or dry weather.

7. Arrange for a Fire Pit Lounge

When you are living in the area where its cold at night, arranging for a fire pit lounge will enhance the setting.

While you are selecting the seating arrangement, make sure you reserve an area for the fire pit. It is best when you have paver stones as your flooring and adjustable patio umbrella to be removed when not required. You can hide your propane tank underneath the sectional seater. Place the power line buried in the gap between the paver stones from the fire pit to the tank.

With such an arrangement, there is no scope of discomfort rather you are creating an avenue for a luxurious setting.

8. Try using a Floating Deck Outdoor Dining area

It will be,  of course, an exceptional idea when you add an outdoor dining area in your backyard lounge. Add some Mexican beach pebbles or the ones of your choice to border the deck. Complete the requirement by placing a floating deck dining set under the patio umbrella. Choosing the canopy, picking the best dining table for outdoor and then adding few plants, are the secondary things that can be used to make your backyard patio look striking.


Make sure you select the patio set which is fully weather resistant. It should also be capable enough to serve other purposes such as storing, easy installation and de-installation processes.

9. Add some Artificial Grass

The artificial grass has the capability to fill the freshness around the area, even when you are in the middle of a desert. It will help you in organizing a low budget and low maintenance backyard, saving water at the same time. You need to place the grass layer in the preferred area, just as layering a mat on the sand. Arrange a few staples and stakes for making it sit in the place. The outdoor furniture with the lounge, artificial grass on the floor and then with the patio arrangement will definitely make you enjoy and relax at the back of your house.

10. Organize your Side Yard too

With the completion of your backyard, it is also essentially important to renovate your side yards too. Recreate them with some mixed materials and pebbles. Define some landscaping ideas over the pathway that reach your front gate. In order to get an appealing look, add few paver stones that will make you walk through the pathway, with no difficulties even in the low light conditions.

11. End up by Embellishing your Front Porch

Make your front porch as inviting as you have made your backyard. Begin with your entrance door. Make it super modern or enhance with a classy makeover like re-defining it with a new set of handles. Play with some colors by placing a comfortable chair in the corner of your entrance. Or you may just complete with a garden stool.

Opt for going green even on the front porch side. Plant some succulents in a creative style. Layer some paver stones and decorate the entrance floor with colored pebbles or gravel. You may also place a water dish holding either a few water plants or some aquatic lives. It is all up to you to stretch your creativity and enhance the beauty of your home, either in your front porch or in the backyard.



After considering a number of ideas, pick a suitable design for your backyard. These ideas never demand any high maintenance expenses, once when completed.

So what are you waiting for?. Grab the tools and get ready for the makeover of your backyard. Pull your socks, gather some ideas and invest your efforts and creativity to shape your vision of having an amazing backyard into a reality.