hardscaping with natural stone flagstone

It's incredible how the simple addition of flagstone will bring your open space to life. Flagstone is an exceptionally functional material and can fulfill a number of needs for hardscaping with stone. You may add a flagstone landscape stone to build a truly unique backyard, whether you have a few leftover bits to use or a whole mass of slabs. You can also choose to use quartzite landscape stone or hardscape pebbles.

For every style and budget, there are a variety of plain, imaginative flagstone landscaping ideas and rustic flagstone patio ideas available. To help get your imagination underway, we'll take a glance at some of those below.

Types of stones used in landscaping

Decomposed granite

Thanks to its sandy texture and reddish-tan hue that imitates the color of the granite where it originates, decomposed granite has the rustic appeal. This type can give a soft and rustic charm to the surface of your deck and patio, yard, or garden trails. You may also use it as a ground cover, across the trees in your yard, or around dried up plants as a topdressing.


One of the most common types of landscaping stones you'll find in gardens is flagstones. A number of stones, such as sandstone and limestone, are included in this category. In a large variety of landscaping styles, you can use them. They typically have an irregular outline but are fairly flexible to be used for both decorative and practical purposes. They can be sliced flat or in whatever diameter you want your design to suit. They are also used for patios, walkways, stepping stones, and stair treads.


Limestone, a form of Flagstone, has an earthy character that can offer softness and a subtle vibe to your walkway or patio. Bluestone, which is often used in outdoor areas for hardscaping, is the most common form of limestone. It can vary from corals to shells and other rocks that are sedimentary. It may have a small range of colors, but it will give you a rustic and special look when it is sanded and smoothed.

Lava rocks

These rocks come from volcanoes that are no longer active and are low in density. They have a distinctive, bold look and are generally black or red in color. They might be a little more expensive than some of the landscaping stones on this list, but they will give a lovely and one-of-a-kind accent to your landscape. With any landscaping style you have in mind, you can use these lightweight rocks as well. The greatest thing about lava rocks is that they are capable of storing heat during the day and then releasing it when it falls at night.

Note that larger pieces of flagstone can add numerous design elements to your landscape and integrate different colors, while smaller pieces can add slight hints and color pops sporadically. Have fun and enjoy landscaping your outdoor space.