good tips you need to know when buying bathroom tilesAre you looking for top tips for choosing bathroom tiles? Are you confused about how to choose bathroom tiles? If your answers are yes, this buyer's guide to choosing the best tiles can be your ultimate guide to choosing the best bathroom tiles. Read on for more bathroom tile ideas and to know essential things about choosing bathroom tiles.

Choosing the proper bathroom tile is often a challenge. There are numerous different looks and materials, different installation methods, and different characteristics. You want something that appears good but also something that's meant for toilet use which is going to be easy to take care of given some time and skills.

This is your go-to guide for learning more about the various sorts of bathroom tiles. it'll assist you to make the simplest choice for your purchase and provides you the fundamentals of what you would like.

Choose Your Wow-Factor Feature

What does one imagine are going to be the primary thing to catch your eye once you walk into your bathroom? Will, it's a stunning shower enclosure? Perhaps think about using your main tile during this space. Will, it's a free-standing roll-top tub? Then choose the right feature wall tile to become its backdrop. Maybe it’s a shocking antique you’re repurposing as a vanity? believe what tiles you’ll want to use for your backsplash. If you opt early what the focus of your bathroom is from the beginning, you'll then begin to settle on tiles that will complement and enhance your chosen feature.

Have a design vision

The first thing you ought to have maybe a clear idea of what you would like the planning of your bathroom to be. This vision will guide in buying tiles of the proper size, color, and material. for instance, if you would like a jungle-themed bathroom, you'll get tiles in reminder green and brown. you'll also use mosaic tiles to place together a fun design on a clear wall, making it appear as if space itself may be a canvas.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is among the oldest sort of mosaic tile you will find. Ancient Greeks and Romans used glass to beautify their homes, alongside other cultures within the Middle East and Asia. Despite its age, glass tile has never gone out of fashion. For the 21st century, glass tile remains a reasonable, stylish, and practical solution for toilet walls, backsplashes, and even shower/bath tile.

Stay safe

Bathrooms are generally accident-prone areas, so it’s important to settle on tiles that aren’t just pretty but also are safe to be used. It’s advisable to urge unglazed tiles for the ground because the glazed versions tend to be slippery. Tiles like porcelain or travertine have a rougher texture, making them more slip-resistant. They also delay well against pedestrian traffic and water damage.

Consider your accent tiles

Once you’ve chosen your feature tile, then consider only one or two other tiles to go with it. You’ll want to form sure that the complementary tiles do exactly that – choosing too many bold tiles during a room will create too many focal points, so something neutral, plain, or a simply textured style should do nicely here, allowing your stand-out tile to require a center stage. Many of our ranges contain a variety of tile patterns and designs that can complement one another perfectly for a simple thanks to a cohesive look.