"Your lane-decor signatures your first impression. Interior + You + Exterior, is your society identification"

The majority might not know your name but still, you are relatively familiar to many. How? "Man that has awesome Mini-Nursery, Garden-Walks", hope we are now on the same flight. Your lane-decor signatures your first impression. Interior + You + Exterior is your society identification. Don't panic, if you have floated party invites & your garden paths zig-zag, dry leaves cover more of greens, in short, your exteriors warrants your sweat & efforts. How to make a mosaic sidewalk? We have easy tips for you.

Camouflaging or Contrasting

Let the world know your favorite shade. Fort-marvel your lane surface using matching pebbles or, wish all to differ then choose contrast theme. Visualize your garden's equips like the shades of fence, plant-vases, flower pots, steps & most importantly the entrance gate. Don't forget your 2/4 wheeler, everything counts. Now analyze the common shade in them & google complementing pebbles then shortlist some. This theme is Camouflage lane pebbling & if you wish every corner to sing their own saga, go for Contrasting-Pebbling theme.


Beach-Pebbles are blindly chosen for lane flooring but not a strict to-do. Our Blog pens a liberal approach. I asked for our opinion, limestone-pebbles is the best option you should go with.

Trending limestones that's lane-laid lay below.

Snow White

Green Pebble Mosaic

Yellow Tumbled Pebble

Pink Tumbled Pebble

Natural Earth Pebble Tile

Spot Perimeter

After selecting the stone next is marking the territory where you need to start working. String perimeter enclosing the area where the pebble-laning is to be done.

Scoop-Out Grass & Soil

Apply logic, you dig when you plant, the same concept works here. Shovel out grass & soil unearthing depth of 10cms.

Level & Pour

Level the dug surface & pour in ready-made mortar. The level height of the mortal should leave at least 4-5 cm height above it for pebble placement. You can have chipped gravels mixed with pebbles allowing no room for gaps. Or you can use sand with pebbles.

Pebble-Margin Garden Path

Use big pebbles of uniform sizes & have it placed side by side tailing the entire length of the garden-path on both sides. Pebble sizes between 64-256 mm

Pebble-Decor Outdoor Equips

You are free to border the pond/fountain in your garden. Shovel out grass & soil perimetry the pond up to 4-5 inches & install pebbles. You can also pebble-edge outdoor steps & Pebble-Surround bases of plant vases.

Pebble-Pour & Pebble-Mat

Place pebbles on plants & flower-pots to blanket the exposed soil. Pebble-Mat the grass-bed in different shapes & patterns. For this you don't need to shove-off the earth, can use weighted pebbles to decor-design.

Pebble Mosaic for Outside

Having a complete pave renovation calls for mosaic installation & is a time taking process. If time/budget is not a concern then our suggestion is to contract this job to a professional if you are unknown to masonry skills. Opt for Charcoal black Pebble tile or Glossy Multi-colour Pebble tiling whenever you are planning to have outdoor mosaic-paving.

How to use pebbles flooring your garden walk is how well you know about pebble mosaic art.