Get a new kitchen without renovating

It might occur to you that you want a new kitchen but not ready to spend a lot of money renovating every single item and walls and floors. In a case like that, you might opt to go for a fast kitchen remodel. If you are wondering how to update your kitchen without remodeling every single element, we are here to help you with it. By refreshing an old kitchen, serve the purpose of a kitchen renovation while saving a lot of money. With our kitchen update ideas, you’ll be standing in your new looking kitchen in no time.

Go quirky with your design

When you are planning to remodel your kitchen without spending a huge amount of money, you will have to choose a few elements upon which you can work and spend. For example, you might choose to get a mosaic backsplash for your kitchen. You can even DIY one with a few pieces of equipment.

Another way to add character top your kitchen is by choosing pop colors for certain areas, like a wall, cabinet doors, or you can choose a striking granite or zinc countertop for your kitchen. You can go for vibrant colors, geometric patterns, fun mosaics, bold decor. In short, don’t hold yourself back if you think you will have fun implementing a certain design.

Wood beams

Wooden beams bring you back from the quirky side of things to the more traditional designs. Wooden beams in the ceiling along with wooden shelves add a visual dimension to your kitchen and give out an appearance of it being elongated. This visual illusion plays a part in making your kitchen look more sophisticated.


Painting is one of the handiest and easy ways to remodel the kitchen. If you are confident about painting the kitchen yourself, you will be able to do it with ease. Paint the old cabinets and worn-out wall paint to give a fresh look to your kitchen. Go for neutral tone colors and shades of white if you do not have a lot of pace in your kitchen With a bigger kitchen, you can experiment with darker colors.

Texture through detailing

Lighting fixtures, cabinets, sinks are all spaces where you can add texture through detailing. The finishing on all the items can be modified to have some detailing. Detailing adds a touch of customization as well, and you should exploit the opportunity to add personal touches to your kitchen space to make give it more character.

Open shelves over cabinets

If you have an old house with a small kitchen, open shelves will serve you better than closed cabinets in certain cases. Instead of cabinets, you use open shelves to store all your stuff. Place them just the way you would place overhead cabinets. Since they are open and visible, they make a small kitchen look larger. It also makes reaching out for things extremely convenient.

We hope our tips and ideas will help you remodel your kitchen in a short time with a little budget.