exclusive stone veneer for modern home renovation

The Four Seasons of Acadia, wins first prize in the furniture category that depicts an impeccable veneer work and excellent carving

John & Lamb wins $1000 each at the 2020 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge for their excellent craftsmanship in carving. What is common in both their work is Veneer –work. The Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge awards are held annually and 2020 was held in Newport, North Caroline at the end week of August.Four Seasons of Acadia won first prize in the furniture category that depicts an impeccable veneer work and excellent carving where David Lamb work attempts to reflect black ice veneer work and white birch sawn crotch veneer. James Moore, another $1000 prize winner made a wall-hung Curved Cabinet, which would not have been possible had it not been glued with quilted maple leaf veneer.

Flexible Stone Veneers are light in weight, flexible, colorful & an unique stone veneer with unlimited application. It has the virtue of adaptability, durability and weather resistance. It dimensions micro-thin slates that easy cuts & installs is simple using recommended adhesives like Acrylic co-polymer based tile adhesive, Polyurethane wood glues, Epoxy etc.

Here, how to install stone veneer is perhaps the easiest query to resolve as it is a less-costly install as it can done via on-surface pasting, interlocks, screen quick fix, screws & fasteners to the walls

Mortar-less Brick-Veneer is all purpose project-blender.and is used in residential & commercial constructions. Durata, an innovative stone veneer that installs without mortar and features inter-locking system which creates beautiful interiors & exterior walls. Available patterns are Mystic, Harvest, Niagara & Shenandoah.

Multi Sided Fireplaces

Chiseled Silver Alabaster Panels

Multi-sided fireplaces are increasingly common in contemporary homes and open floor homes also. Your intent must be focal pointing fireplace in the room, but it may not turn to be the perfect wall. But by creating a multi-sided design, the unexpected can be eliminated. Here, using a small, chiseled stone-veneer wraps the box adding excellent texture beauty.

Bathroom Fireplace

Having this unique bathroom-fireplace install marks an outstanding bold statement. However it’s not a common sight to have, but you can be among the rare one to do so. The Sierra Shadow-stone Veneer Panels Fireplaces aren’t as common in the bathroom as they are in the bedroom, living room, and other areas of the home, but the addition of one can make quite a statement. Situated just opposite a soaking tub, a bathroom fireplace can help create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere that draws people in and makes you feel right at home. Sierra Shadow-stone Veneer ledger bordering the bath-area fireplace creates spa-like atmosphere that is desired by many but possessed by least. Ledger Panel Uses functional vantage to serve-apply on walls, fireplaces, backsplashes, step-risers, pillars/ columns. You can remodel Flexible Stone Veneers over existing kitchen or bath tiles which increases the life span of the materials which it adorns.

Veneer installations can be done DIY, as it is easy is easy and very simple.