backyard paver kits

An entertaining area in the backyard lets you enjoy your leisure time on a  day off from work or when you need to relax in tranquil. Not always, you find the comfort on your luxury soft padded seating sofas or armchairs, sometimes you need to experience something aesthetic like sipping coffee on a wooden seating amidst the greenery in the backyard under the clear sky.

Why should one have a Backyard entertaining area?

The backyards can be the “entertainment space” rather than just the gardening area. Your backyard can be the space where you can have a break and make a way for some me-time.


As a personal recreational space

Like mentioned above, the backyards can be the space in your home where you can seek solace amidst the daily tensions of life. A place where you can let your thoughts form shape and ponder about things that heal your soul, rejuvenating you from within. From a holistic point of view, recreational space in your backyard would offer you an escape from daily stress.

As an entertaining space to host the guests

We follow a parody of cleaning homes and ensuring our living areas look good when guests arrive. But have you ever thought that the backyards can be the best place to have a chit-chat over snacks and tea?

On the whole, backyards can be a great place for certain purposes. If this convinces you to hop on the bandwagon to host your guest in the backyard then you would need more than a seating arrangement. Hosting the guests in the backyard doesn’t mean a seating arrangement is necessary. There are more essentials to be added in the list that includes the way you design the seating arrangement and the stuff that adds elegance to your arrangement.

Well, you can’t get just started with the wooden structures placed randomly in your backyard.

If you want a relaxing yet creative and entertaining backyard then, first of all, you need to come up with a perfect design of the seating. When done with the design, look for embellishments such as flowerpots, stones etc. After preparing an outline, gather the stuff you will require like wood, bricks, greens, stuff that will hold your material together and all.


Now we will see how to create a fire pit surrounded by L-shaped benches for seating.

We will first work on the bench and then on the fire pit.


#1 – The L-Shaped Bench

To highlight our purpose of creating an entertainment area in the backyard we kept the design simple, comprising of low profile L-shaped benches that allow us to sit around and not block the view of a lake. And the Coliseum French Pattern kit in the garden was a perfect fit and did go well with the plan.


Appears complicated but simple to build

The kit looks complicated but is a simple-and-easy affair. It comes with three different sizes of pavers. The kit gets you covered with almost everything you will need to accomplish your task of creating an entertainment area in your backyard, except for the construction adhesive and board for the seating arrangement.

You will need almost 6 tubes of adhesive and 4’x4’ boards which you can adjust as per the desired length of your benches.

Now when you have got all your stuff around, get started with the process.

Step 1 -Start with arranging a base layer and lay all three pillars of the benches at once. Make sure everything is perfectly lined up and not moving in order to prevent disturbance in the alignment.

For the first layer, use the longest levels and straight edges. If this layer is crooked, the foundation would be screwed. 

Step 2 –After being done with the first layer and satisfying yourself with perfection, add the construction adhesive and proceed for the second layers pavers. Make sure to rotate the pattern ¼ turn so that none appears to line up. Repeat the same process until you finish 4 layers of pavers on each of the three pillars.

Step 3 –The bench boards come into the picture after laying the fifth layer. Arrange a small brick between each of the boards and then complete the pattern around the boards. Make sure that none of the pavers lines up with the layer below and the pattern is random.

Step 4 –Now add two more layers to the pavers to make it a total of seven pavers on each of three pillars to complete the project. 

And you’re done.


#Module 2 – Fire Pit

We got our fire pit assembled from the Sonoma Valley Random Natural Stone Veneer. This was super easy to put together. You have an option of putting a fire pit 3-4 rows high. We chose to keep it shorter.

Coming to the stuff required for the formation of a fire pit, the essentials are 12 trapezoids shaped pave stones and 12 small brick-shaped pave stones. They can be easily used to form a circle. The Fire Pit needs the construction adhesive between the layers. As in the first module, make sure that the first layer of the Pit I levels in the required manner.

And believe it or not, the whole arrangement can be put together within fifteen minutes. 


Further embellishments

We can never keep it simple when it comes to modifying or decorating the greens, so once we were successfully done with two of our modules, we covered the entire area with the river rocks that bring out the charm. In order to ensure proper drainage, a layer had been inserted inside the planters and the fire pit.



With the two models in our hand, it can be concluded that the entire process of the creation of entertainment space in the backyard is not only easy to construct but a fun job. It is important to highlight that the entire process was simplified because of the paver kit. It has got us covered with every material; we would need for the creation of a recreational area in the backyard.

All it requires is a little effort and complete focus on the layering of the pavers. Apart from that, the assembling of pavers to form a bench and the bricks and stone to form the fire pit is an easy affair.

Gather some ideas, the aforesaid tools, a little patience and get excited for a personalized recreational area in your backyard.