White herringbone backsplash kitchen with a large white herringbone backsplash might just be the best investment you’ll make for your kitchen. When talking about kitchen backsplash tile ideas, herringbone tile backsplash makes it to the top of the list.

Why herringbone for a kitchen backsplash?

Herringbone tiles are making a comeback when it comes to the hottest trends in home design. Because of the angular shape that resembles the form and bone structure of herring fish, this classic pattern gets its name. Whether it's swirling marble, porcelain, or wood, in any setting, the herringbone trend looks beautiful. It is easy to build a beautiful herringbone look from the floors to the walls that you will enjoy for years to come.

What design for the tiles of your Herringbone?

When it comes to a herringbone tile pattern at home, there are two main types. Laying the tiles on a diagonal is one choice. This is the classic herringbone pattern you've definitely seen in interior design newsletters.

In a ninety-degree pattern, the other choice is to align the tiles, giving the room a more contemporary feel.

For either pattern you can use the very same tiles, it's all about creating two different aesthetics and choosing which you prefer.

There's no wrong choice, just make sure you fit with the vibe of the rest of your home with whatever trend you go with.

Glaze the tiles

The best way to make the same tiles look special is to coat your herringbone tiles with a high variance glaze.

The glaze will pull out the tile's various hues, rendering some darker, and some warmer. This allows you to pick a pattern of all the same color tiles, but still feel like there is a color spectrum variation, giving the dimension of the tiled area and a special flare.

Pop colors

Don't be frightened by color!

A perfect way to show your imagination and personalize your living room is to use herringbone tiles.

Herringbone tiles are not only reserved for all white designs and neutrals. When working with this look, take advantage of the color variety accessible to you and design something that will make you smile as you walk by.

Try to choose two bold colors and then select random spots in a white or neutral tile within the tiled area to pepper. This will break up the cycle, stopping it from being too rough on the eyes or from staring at something you are tired of.

Going Neutral

When using herringbone tiles, you don't always have to go for a brilliant hue. Using all neutrals, the desired effect can be readily achieved.

Try using the same color in three different colors, like off-white or beige. For a neutral but personalized and thorough aesthetic, combine the various tones in the pattern.

The perfect place to try the neutral technique is your kitchen backsplash, particularly if you have other colors like cabinets or a kitchen island with a pop of color going on in the room.

The ideal contrast could be a neutral herringbone tile backsplash.

Get the ideal backsplash for your kitchen with herringbone tiles!