decorate a vibrant and colorful living room

Your living room is the heart of your home. No wonder nobody likes a dull and drab living room for their house. While you look for calmness and serenity in places like the bedroom and the bathroom, there is no harm in adopting bright, colorful living room ideas. From choosing bright floor tile colors for the living room to painting colorful living room walls, you can do it all in your living room with freedom and creativity. We are here to help you with popular living room colors and modern type living room ideas, and also with details like how to select tiles for the living room.

Flooring Ideas for your living room

The flooring material of your living room will determine its charm in a big way. The two main options in the flooring category are natural stones and vinyl planks. Carpets have traditionally been the flooring option of choice for most Americans, but things are slowly changing. Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVTs are taking the market by storm because of their cost-effectiveness and versatility. For a more regal and sophisticated look, natural stones like marble, granite, slate can be used. The choice of floor is not based solely on aesthetics. The climatic condition of your place of residence also determines what flooring material you should ideally use to get the most durability.

Painting your living room

Your living room paint needs to be both balanced and contrasted to give the best visual appeal. It is very necessary to maintain balance and contrast in every aspect of your house to achieve the best aesthetic result.

The 70-30 and 70-20-10 rules are the basics of understanding balance, which says that one primary color, theme, style, or texture would dominate 70% of your room, and the second one would take up the rest 30%. You can also choose a more funky element for 10%, and reduce 30% to 20%.

Always use one element as a foil to highlight the other elements in your living room. This way you can achieve a desirable contrast. For example, you can paint one of the walls in your living room with a bright, pop color, and use moody, neutral tones for the rest of the walls. You can use the same technique while choosing the decor, lighting, furniture, floor, etc.

Incorporate greenery in your living room

Adding a touch of greenery will transform your basic living room into a cozy and vibrant space. Adding plants and trees to your indoor space need not be an ordeal. It is easier to implement and maintain than what you would think. Just get a few indoor plants and trees and place or hang them according to the design of your living room. A few plants and trees in your indoor space will radically alter its vibe and mood and have an impact on both guests and family members.

Go ahead and have fun making your living room vibrant and colorful using our tips and ideas.