decor home with river rock instead of mulch

Some things might be bothering you right now, like which are the best plants for rock mulch, should you use pea gravel instead of mulch, how to go about using rocks in flower beds, different types of rock and mulch landscape, how to incorporate rock around the patio, etc. Well, fret not, we are here to help you. Read on to find out more.

You want to apply the finishing touch-mulch after you plant new trees, shrubs, and flowers. Mulch gives the landscape a pristine, finished appearance.

But, does it matter what sort of mulch you're using? Or, can you replace mulch with stones, perhaps? To learn the advantages and drawbacks of mulching with an organic mulch or an inorganic mulch like rocks, read further.

What's The Difference, you may ask

Bark Mulch and PlantsBark mulch comes from a range of trees, from fir, hemlock, and oak to cypress and cedar. Double shredded hardwood bark mulch is our favorite mulch. We are taking the extra step of using dyed dark brown mulch. The added color makes it stay longer, nice and dark, without fading as fast. It costs a little more, but the rich, dark look is enjoyed by our clients throughout the year.

Rock mulch, mostly sourced from river beds, is decorative gravel or rocks varying in size from pea-size to golf ball size. It is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, textures, and shapes, ranging from porous, light red, or black lava rock to pretty, smooth purple, or pink quartz gravel mulch.

When is rock a good option?

The appearance and expense of bark mulch, and the way it splits down overtime to feed the soil, are favored most of the time. When is rock a good choice, though?

If you have problems with drainage on your farm, rock is a great option for mulch, allowing water to drain quickly. Rock is a simple, no maintenance choice if you have clear bed areas without plants.

For high-traffic areas, where pedestrians prefer to take short cuts, rocks are perfect. Trampled plants look bad, but the tension is resisted by rocks.

Rocks make a perfect backdrop if you're contemplating a fountain or statue for a high-impact entrance. If you're a manager of no-nonsense property who wants to mulch, then forget it, then the rock is your thing.

What about expenses?

Rock is more expensive than mulch with bark.

Depending on the form and size, the price of rock mulch varies, but usually costs two to three times more than a mulch application. But note, as bark mulch does, it does not break down and dissolve into the dirt. Every year, you do not need to replace it and that can save money over time.

What is Your Soil Preference?

Over time, mulch made of organic matter such as bark or wood chips decays, crumbling into nutritious bits that feed your soil. Rocks contribute nothing to the soil. Therefore, plants growing in beds mulched with stones can need additional fertilization.