clean your home with easy and simple trick

If you regularly clean your house before visitors come or just clean things up as a routine, learning a few fast and simple tricks can make the process a lot easier.

Here's a list of some cheap and quick cleaning tips and house cleaning secrets that will transform your cleaning routine to help save you some time and frustration, along with a lot of wasted money on cleaning supplies. We’ll tell you how to clean a house fast and properly along with cleaning home tips and tricks. Without further ado, let’s find out how to clean home fast and easy.

Using products for multi-tasking

Try not to fall into the traps of the manufacturers of purchasing a tonne of specialty items for each small part of house cleaning. You're just going to end up collecting a cupboard full of pricey cleaning items that you never use! Instead, stick to things that you need: a disinfecting all-purpose cleaner that can also clean glass, a disinfecting bathroom cleaner, for example, and a wood and tile floor cleaner that is secure.

Clean the Fan of Exhaust

Try a trick that's quicker and more efficient than vacuuming if the grille on your bathroom exhaust fan is clogged with dust. Here's how to clean a bathroom fan: Turn the fan on and blast "canned air" out of the dust. Outside, the fan will blow the dust. This works on your central heating/cooling system's return air grilles as well. Run the device so that the dust will be brought to the philter by the return airflow. At home centers and hardware stores, typically in the electrical supplies aisle, you'll find canned air. Caution: There are chemical propellants in the cans, not just air. Don't let them play with the kids.

Unclog air vents

Your air vents are probably pretty dirty and dusty if you haven't checked in for a while. Not only does that send dust into the room, but it also prevents the air from coming out as well.

Quick fix: Try scraping dust with a soft vacuum brush tool first. Soak a rag with every cleaning agent you have if that doesn't get the job done, then wrap it around a butter knife to clean the vents.

Create a Caddy for Cleaning:

Make your cleaning in a cleaning caddy more effective and less time consuming by arranging your cleaning supplies. This way, the necessary tools, and goods will be right at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the building. In a tool belt, you might also hold basic equipment and sprays while you scrub.

Clean your blinds

If you haven't washed your blinds in a while, they're probably pretty dirty too, so here's a simple solution:

In a tub, combine equal portions of water and vinegar and get a sock to place over your hand. Dip the sock in the solution and then run it to clear any dirt or dust over each slat of the blinds!

Have a sparkling home in no time with these tips and tricks!