Floor tiles play an essential role in home decor and these attractive tiles adds character to your house. Ceramic tiles are one of the most persistent and reliable product among homeowners. These are manufactured after several quality testing, research and analysis. These tiles are fabricated with ingenious ways using ultra-modern techniques.

Ceramic tiles will keep your floors looking graceful and dazzling for years to come. Ceramic floor tiles have become immensely popular in the market, especially with the homeowners. They are available in hundreds of designs and shades to match your house colors. They come in different shapes and sizes and give you the freedom to mix and match design tiles as per your liking.

Ceramic floor tiles are best suited in high traffic areas and by adding an abrasive glaze they become slip-resistant. You may want to consider them in wet areas also for their impenetrable property. These tiles are tough against humidity and are corrosion resistant. They being stain and scratch-proof are ideal for houses with pets. Flooring is exposed to various kinds of harsh substances like chemicals and constant sunlight.

Unlike other floor tiles, ceramic tiles do not fade away or stain. They remain flawless for their entire lifetime. They are famous for their longevity as compared to other flooring materials. Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic tiles is easy; you can sweep or vacuum or wipe with mild detergent and water. These tiles are versatile, and besides being used as floor tiles they are also used for covering surfaces like, roofs, walls, bathrooms, table tops, etc.

Apart from having numerous benefits, ceramic floor tiles have a few limitations. These do not hold on to heat quite well, which means they can get extremely cold in the winter months. These tiles are hefty and need to be installed using grout and mortar under professional supervision.

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