Imagine the joy of serene outdoors and a beautiful patio with a bar, during the summer time. If you are planning to renovate your outdoor dining area, install a new patio bar or simply browsing for choices for your next project, do remember to check out these design ideas and tips. You would be amazed to discover the wide range of choices in tiles, seating, and decor.

  1. 1.      Choosing The Countertops

Patio bar is generally exposed to sunlight and harsh weather. Considering the bar’s location in the patio, choose the right material that would stand the extreme climatic conditions and still look good while aging.

Some of the choices of material include quartz, marble, limestone, granite, and concrete. Quartz is known to discolor in prolonged sunlight. Marble and limestone can give a fantastic ambiance. However, both need great care as they are porous in nature and can easily be stained. Granite and concrete can be long-lasting as they require less maintenance.

It might always be a good idea to seek expert opinion before making the final decision.

  1. 2.      Seating Design

A tiled patio is a great place for barbecue parties with family and friends or quiet evenings around the fire pit. Different areas of the patio will require a different kind of seating arrangements. The bar area would have the barstools or the counter-height chairs that are great for dining & socializing. For the lounge area, sofa styled soft and comfortable seating would enhance the related experience. Choose the base and the backrest of the seating carefully so that the person seated feels comfortable and relaxed. 

  1. 3.      Indoor vs Outdoor

Floor-to-ceiling glass walls, with glass doors, give you a feeling of seamless indoor and outdoor. It is an awesome view from within the house as it appears as if the room is extended to the outdoors. Now imagine this seamless extension of indoor to your patio. Whether it is daytime or late evening, enjoy the bright sunlight or the night sky filled with stars right from indoor.

  1. 4.      Choosing The Patio Material

While there are quite a few choices for selection of patio flooring, you might want to consider a tile that is anti-slip and safe to walk on when wet. Porcelain tiles are both stylish, anti-slip and look great when installed in patio. You can browse here to select anti-slip porcelain tiles with R11 Finish.


  1. 5.      Patio Accessories

If you are a party animal and love to throw parties for your friends and acquaintances, then consider installing a good sized refrigerator in one corner of your patio. Cool your beer and champagne or store up your veggies and meat for the barbeque. Spend more time socializing in the patio rather than making frequent trips to the indoor kitchen.

Do remember to install a small kitchen cabinet that will hold your cutlery and plates. You would find this idea quite handy when you serve out the dishes in your patio.

  1. 6.      Create A Little Magic

They say ‘as the stars come up, the magic come alive”.  Create a little magic in your patio for your evening guests, your family or just for yourself. Decorate the patio with various type of lighting fixtures to create a theme that is ethnic, medieval or outright ultra modern. Light up your patio with candles, twinkly lights, rusty lanterns or computerized light shows. Choose multiple lighting arrangements for your bar, dining & other open areas.

  1. 7.      Go Green

Invite nature into your patio by planting flowers and plants along the walls of your patio. Whether you choose to plant them in the ground or in pots and vases, their presence in the patio will always enhance the ambiance of the patio & your house. Choose the color scheme of your patio after due consideration so that the combination of flowers and the patio works as a mood lifter. Design a patio and integrate it with vertical gardens, hanging baskets, trellises, and potted plants.

  1. 8.      DIY or Professional

Patio construction work is a major decision for you as you would renovate it only after a few years. So it is important that the quality of work is excellent and the tile work stands the test of harsh weather through the coming years. While it is possible to do tiling work yourself, it would probably take you longer compared to a professional. Also, the fit and finish of the tiling work done by a professional would be far superior comparatively and certainly give you a few extra years before you decide to renovate your patio. A professional service by the tiling experts would most likely save you both time and frustration.

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