Who doesn't want a beautiful home with lovely walls and floors. If your house is under construction or you have some wonderful ideas to redecorate your house, then this article will give you some insights. There is a wide variety of beautiful kitchen and bathroom tiles available in the market, which come in various textures, patterns, size, and colors.

Selecting kitchen tiles can be quite confusing. Since it is the heart of your house where you might spend quite a lot time cooking and washing dishes, it has to be comfortable and safe. Smooth tiles made up of porcelain, quarry, glass or ceramic are good for the walls, counters, and backsplash but not for the kitchen floor. The kitchen floor is prone to water or oil spilling. Hence, little rough textured floor tiles made up of cork, bamboo or vinyl material are perfect for the kitchen since it avoids slipping and is easy to walk on. The wall and counter tiles can be smooth as they have to withstand oil, grease, and moisture, which is easy to remove on a smooth surface. Also, they are non-porous and do not absorb stains.

Also buy durable material tiles for the kitchen so that hot utensils or heavy appliances do not build up cracks. Though ceramic tiles are tough and come in matte, glazed and glossy surface but they are uneven and get chipped quite soon. Vitrified tiles are one of the most durable tiles and are very strong. Limestone and clay-based tiles can be used to give your kitchen a natural look.

Bathroom is another most important room of your house. This is the place where you feel relaxed and calm. So selecting bathroom tiles also requires a lot of thinking. You might be having a lot of ideas to renovate your bathroom. It is suggested to select any one and keep the look of the bathroom more towards the simpler side. Avoid using too many patterns and designs.

Considering the maintenance effort, it is better to use porcelain or ceramic tiles since they are non-porous and does not require much cleaning after being wet. Natural stone tiles need proper cleaning because they hold on dirt and water. It might also lead to accumulation of fungus and germs. Again, the floor tiles should be textured to avoid slipping, while glass tiles can be used on the back floor.

While selecting the mosaic tiles for the kitchen or bathroom, pick the tile which offers higher contact surface with the wall. At least 90 percent of the surface in contact with the wall is safe because we cannot rely much on the glue. Also, consider your budget before starting the renovation. Some tiles are quite expensive, such as quarry tiles or custom designer tiles. Though they provide more elegant and refined look, but there are various designer tiles present in the market.

So before buying the tiles you need to consider the design, texture, tensile strength, absorption capacity, durability, size and cost of the tiles. Keeping these few points will help you renovate your house very efficiently and wisely.


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