Rain Forest Mosaics

White, off white, finished white or golden streaks on white? Choosing kitchen and bath tiles was never easy so listed down the three important factors to pick up mosaic tiles as well as grout color easily to suit your home and make them stand out in your homes.

First of all, let’s talk about what is Grout. Grout is typically any construction material used to fill voids and seal gaps, either silicone based and expandable or urethane based, fixed.

1. Depending on the size of the place: Usually plain light colors help infuse more light, give a sense of a bigger room and also well suited for small areas because, simply, easy to clean! (Though this isn’t necessarily the rule of thumb). Anyways one can go with the usual whites but can overcome the boredom of this color by having a contrasting grout color, like red or black to get that old finish or even white for the flawless finish. If not whites, the hues of yellow and golden can also be used, and nowadays a major sell out color is Tuscany Gold.

2. Usage of the area: If your kitchen is prone to splatters, with small kids around, or pets messing up your Bath, better go with darker hues like shades of grey or brown colors from a forest and maybe even black with silvers and golden which look classic yet stylish. Grout, usually are used with dark tiles will be dark as well, maybe even black but no one messes up with contrasts of the opposite colors. Black and white, blue and green, red and yellow, or even you can contrast cold and warm hues. There won’t be a problem of stain marks on darker hues until the finishing is kept well intact.

3. Health and hygiene: Well even health issues can be directly linked to the colors around on your walls and floors. Light colors such as light greys, whites and yellow require maximum effort as stains are easily seen on these colors whereas darker hues don’t show much. Also colors like sea blues and greens give a sense of calmness, while purples promotes to increase desires. Mosaic tiles have started with different patterns to impart the proper Feng Shui as taught in science to a specific area, depending on the needs of a person.

Baths, where a person can drain off all the negative energies should use the colors blue, green and whites to impart positive energy and same can be said for the grout color, or if for modern outlook one can put a darker color of mosaic on one of the four walls of the bath. Kitchens usually where creativity thrives, can work with colors such as purples, yellows and browns and grout colors here can be darker as it is difficult to such areas. Well, happy shopping and renovation now!


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